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May Monthly Learning Center Meeting & Flute Classes  


The Monthly Learning Center meeting was held this year on May 31stMother's Day in Nicaragua is May 30 so the celebration continued through to the monthly meeting.  The flute group performed two songs, "The Color" as a warm up song and "El Condor Pasa" music from the Andes.

 Click here for full report with photos


The initiative to help Learning Centers develop music programs began to take shape last year when Christine Sanderson, UWSP Student expressed interest to volunteer.  With her music background, she was the ideal way to introduce the flute or recorder classes.   

 Comments from children:  

"I have included in my schedule everyday an hour flute practice and every Wednesday and Thursday from to 2 to 3 I like to come the flute classes."

"I have been so interested practicing with my flute at home that I have not time to play computer game and my mom is happy about it."

"I like to come here and share the time with new friends."

"One of my dream is to get to play the flute and other instruments."

"My hope is we can get to play other instruments." 


Please contact W/NP at wnp@uwsp.edu if you have a recorder or guitar to donate or would like to purchase some for the music classes in Nicaragua.   Thank you! 

(our goal is to find 5 guitars in the next 2 months)     More photos from the meeting

Firefighters United Update

"You guys are great and are a real model for how state NGOs can work with the military!"   - Kirk Dahlgren, Mission Director, USAID/El Salvador


It is with considerable pride and pleasure that Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners wishes to express appreciation to the Denton Program, truly an exceptional example how the United States supports people-to-people organizations and enables them to accomplish their humanitarian mission in ways that would not be possible without their assistance.

Working together we make a difference.      Click here for more photos
Therapy Dressing Project Update -  Ernesto's Story

1 year and 414 custom made garments later, we are pleased to share with you Ernesto's personal story, and how working together, we all have the opportunity to make a difference.


  "....I just can't stop thinking about how little things make a big difference.  I am from Wisconsin and it is within my reach to do something small to make a big difference."  

CPT Kathrine Berberich, U.S. MILGRP, Nicaragua.  


Ernesto, and many other recipients of the burn dressing project, are so thankful for people like Kathrine that help identify opportunities that will support much needed programs.  To express his appreciation and bring more understanding why this project is needed, Ernesto has graciously offered to share his personal experience.      


Ernesto's burns resulted from an accident in Managua.  He was cutting a tank that previously contained a chemical product, but was thought to be empty and dry.  As he cut through the tank with the grinding disc tool, upon the tank opening up a sudden explosion threw him back 3 meters severely burning his face, both arms and breaking his left knee.  Ernesto remained conscious while his co-worker got him to the hospital, where he remained for five months. 


After being released from the hospital, he began looking for a place where a garment for his burns could be made.  For a month he searched but could not find anything.   


On behalf of all the patients that will be served by the Therapy Dressing Project, thank you to the US Embassy Mil Group for their donations to buy sewing materials, fabric, thread and supplies that will enable for more custom garments to be made as individuals are in need.

In Memory

Please join us as we remember two special W/NP Volunteers who have recently passed. 


Susan Gilchrist, Madison.  For 19 ˝ years Susan worked as an environmental education researcher for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. She developed a bird conservation education program for Nicaragua: One Bird - Two Habitats  "Staff at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources already were concerned about declining migratory bird populations when the director of Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners suggested developing a videotape on the issue. Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners is the state chapter of the National Association of the Partners of the Americas, and the issue of Neotropical migratory bird conservation fit the agency's mission of building connections between sister states in North and Latin America.* One phone call multiplied into many, and the result was much more than a videotape." 

Click here for Susan's obituary 


Leroy (Lee) Blohm, formally of Appleton.  Lee graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Bacteriology and Dairy Science and was a licensed cheese maker and certified cheese grader.  Lee was an active member of the Appleton Partner City Chapter. In 2006 he traveled to Nicaragua with Farmer to Farmer on a project with dairy sanitation and cheese production. He followed up the project by hosting two Nicaraguan cheese makers in Appleton. During the visit Howard Suárez (Camoapa) and Martha Justina Gonzálz (Jinotega) participated in several hands-on experiences at local cheese factories. Lee's involvement with the cheese program was an inspiration to many, please click here for some great milk/cheese pics from Wisconsin and Nicaragua, a great way to remember Lee and his dedication to sharing his knowledge with others.                                                        Click here for Lee's obituary 

Annual Appleton Rummage Sale this weekend

Appleton Partners are celebrating the beautiful Wisconsin weather with their annual rummage sale fundraiser June 5, 6 and 7th.   Each year the sale has become more popular. Profits from the sale are used to purchase supplies for the winter trip to Nicaragua.

Coming up last Wednesday in July, Appleton Partners host the Annual "Wisconsin Swings for Nicaragua" golf event.  Mark your calendars July 30 



Special thanks to the Appleton volunteers for all their exceptional efforts throughout the year! 

Partners of the Americas 50th Anniversary Event 

Please contact wnp@uwsp.edu if you are planning to attend, have questions or need assistance. 
2014 Memberships

Thank you for renewing your W/NP membership, much appreciated. 


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