Therapy Dressing Project   

April 2014 marked 1 year of carrying out the Burn Therapy Dressing project at the W/NP Office in Managua, Nicaragua.   The outstanding volunteerism support from Wisconsin and Nicaragua has made this project possible.



To better understand why and how W/NP facilitates this project, Katherine has offered to share her personal story with you: 


Katherine's accident happened January 13, 2014.  She was cooking on a propane gas stove and the stove ran out of gas.  In thinking how to continue cooking, she and her brother started a fire on the ground in the backyard of their house.  Once the initial fire started, her brother decided to add acrylic thinner to stoke the fire.  

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So as we look back on one year this past April, it's amazing to see all that has been accomplished in a relatively short time period.  Looking at the figures, and the impact, what a stellar example of how people working together can make a difference for someone like Katherine. 


Katherine found more than physical healing from this project.  The response to learn of garments being made for patients who need them, and the warm attention from the volunteer staff has provided exceptional benefits in helping her to thrive in her rehabilitation.  She has now started growing hair once again and her returned smile and laugh has been like a ray of sunshine to the Therapy Dressing project volunteers and patients.


Honey Bee Project - (early pic was cut off)......grrr technology!
Great job to these dedicated beekeepers in Nicaragua!