W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day - May 15th 
The 3rd Thursday of every month is dedicated to packing and sorting donations at the W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse - we start about 9 am and continue until done..... stop out, pack a box, have a snack, bring a snack, stay awhile or simply take in the vast process of shipping from Wisconsin to Nicaragua!  

As you can see in the faces of our volunteers, working together is really how it happens.  

Thank you for your help in being part of the multifaceted shipping process.....    
P.S........Dress Warm, we keep hoping each packing day will be warmer, but Spring seems to be taking it's sweet time to get to Wisconsin.....
May Shipment Update
A host of volunteers gathered May 5th for about 11 hours to load four containers of approximately 50,000 lbs. of donations destined for Nicaragua. The objective in all the programs, including shipping, is to strengthen the human capacity of all people involved - both in Wisconsin and in Nicaragua. Project materials and resources can be scarce in Nicaragua, and it is with the cooperation of people in Wisconsin that we are able to help supply the Nicaraguan coordinators and teachers with useful items to compliment the programs offered. 75% of the cargo will support the Learning Center Project activities throughout Nicaragua where women and men can gain technical and business skills that provide them with employment, income, self-sufficiency, dignity, and empowerment. W/NP strives for fairness and helping people along the way with the idea that they will be helping themselves. W/NP facilitates projects in 6 main categories of humanitarian assistance that promote self-determination, skill development and direct assistance that enable individuals to change the course of their lives toward a higher quality of existence.  VERY SPECIAL thanks to WI Truck Lift, Michaels Cartage Trucking & Drivers, Crowley Liners and the Funded Transportation Staff for their excellent coordination!
Firefighters United Update
The most successful projects are the result of people in WI and Nicaragua working in harmony - and the "Firefighters United" project, coordinated by Dr. Brad Martin, is a classic example. The project has really brought together Wisconsin and Nicaraguan firefighters. W/NP began to ship fire trucks and ambulances to Nicaragua in 2000, and soon firefighters in both countries began to join in the activities. An average of three or more emergency vehicles are shipped each year, as well as firefighter coats, boots, helmets, air packs, hoses and other necessary equipment. 29 fire trucks (not including these) and 14 ambulances have been shipped to Nicaragua in coordination with the Denton Program. In Nicaragua, Comandante Jaime Delgado, Asociación Civil Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Nicaragua, coordinates the incoming shipments of EMS vehicles. 

W/NP is immensely grateful for the Denton Program staff and coordinators, the ground and air crews who meticulously plan every detail, and the many Firefighters and Fire Departments that are always on the lookout for resources to share with their Nicaraguan counterparts. 

Working together we make a difference. 

Honey Bee Project
The Honey Bee Project is buzzzzzzzing with activity (literally!)  Very special thanks to the WI and Nic volunteers for catapulting the project into action - these 3 new beekeepers from Las Lagunas harvested 1 1/2 gallons on Tuesday from 10 panels with the new honey extractor they received the evening before. Excellent results, great execution and planning on the part of all involved - working together is the way to go! 

Next Quarterly Meeting - June 21 

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