Earthquake News     April 2014
Although the earthquakes taking place in Nicaragua this week haven't been in the Wisconsin news much, they certainly have had a devastating effect on the population in Nicaragua.  This was the scene outside the W/NP Managua Office during the night this past week.  People throughout the city were advised to sleep outside their homes after several earthquakes this week, ranging in magnitude from 5.1 to 6.6  
After the 1972 earthquake that leveled Managua resulting in 10,000 deaths, it is understandable to hear of people being physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted this week as they are unable to find rest or peace thinking about the impact of a 6.2 earthquake in the past.  The difference this time was the length and location of the epicenter, two variables difficult to predict in advance. 

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W/NP Emergency Services Volunteer Jaime Delgado reporting in Nicaragua  

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Welcome Party for our Nicaraguan Guests!  Stevens Point  April 18, 2014
Please join us in giving a warm Wisconsin welcome to Dr. Ronald Blandon and Elisa Estrada

this Friday night in Stevens Point.  Drop in to say hello and/or stay for a typical WI Fish Fry 


Where:  Kristin's Riverwalk   1140 Clark Street, Stevens Point 

When:   Friday, April 18        5:00 - 8:00 pm ish


Dr. Ronald Blandon, President of the Nicaragua Partners Chapter, has been an active member since 1998.  Formerly, he held the position of Executive Director and currently is the Country Coordinator of the Farmer-to-Farmer Program in Nicaragua.  The Board in Nicaragua continues to actively monitor projects in search of human development opportunities for Nicaragua and its people, through the intercultural exchange and experience with volunteers.  The Farmer-to-Farmer program provides cultural and experience exchanges between American citizens and small to mid-size agricultural producers in Nicaragua. Through the work of the Partnership, Ronald has been successful in promoting and publicizing the philosophy and objective of Partners with Nicaraguan governmental and non-governmental institutions.  He has worked on various W/NP projects including the Learning Centers, the Youth Ambassador Program and Small Business Development. Ronald's efforts have also established links between higher education institutions of Nicaragua and the United States including the National Agrarian University and the University of Wisconsin. 



Elisa Estrada, Executive Director of the Nicaragua Partners Chapter, has worked in community intervention with volunteers as both facilitator and field officer for the Farmer-to-Farmer Program since 2008.  She is a graduate of social work and management development, and as an active committee member, Elisa facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of projects. Elisa has collaborated in establishing contacts between Americans and NGO volunteers, producers, technicians, national cooperatives, and government agencies in Nicaragua.  She facilitates training processes in the area of primary food production and promoting the planting of family gardens.  Her work also includes national campaigns to promote consumption of milk, community campaigns to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables, and Elisa conducts community workshops on leadership and organizational strengthening. 


Click here for more info on Farmer-to-Farmer and Agriculture Projects 


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Finish the Pharmacy Fund Raiser     Appleton Kickoff Event April 18, 2014

The C.U. Saloon in Appleton is sponsoring a




Friday April 18th through May 16th


For the entire month, the full price of any drink featuring Flor de Caña (a Nicaraguan Rum) will be donated to finish the pharmacy building at the Brazos de Amor school in Managua, Nicaragua!


Event Kickoff April 18th

With Guest Bartender Mayor Tim Hanna


C.U. Saloon 409 W. College Ave.

Downtown Appleton 8pm - close

Tuesday - Saturday


Owner and Host: George M. Schroeder.


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Warehouse Packing Day and Pot Luck                           April 19, 2014
Reminder, normally our "Packing Days" have been on the 3rd Thursday of each month, HOWEVER, due to requests for a Saturday and for our Nicaraguan guests to get in on the action, PACKING DAY for April is this Saturday, April 19, starting at 9:00 am. with a pot-luck lunch around the noon hour.   

Click here for directions                                          

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36th Annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention   April 24 - 26, 2014
Birders, lake lovers, international travelers, researchers, water educators/managers and other Wisconsinites interested in the long-term health and vitality of a significant global resource: the people and communities of Lake Nicaragua! Join us in Stevens Point for the annual learning and networking event filled with an expanded menu of workshops and tours offered on Thursday through Saturday - descriptions of the workshops are available at the links below. If someone can only make it to one workshop, they can now simply choose that option! A new workshop offering on Thursday is essentially a full-day mini-conference exploring the environmental and social connections between Wisconsin and Nicaragua, a nation blessed with lake resources but challenged by poverty and looming ecological changes.

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"Improving our future through English Skills"       Every Wednesday

The Nicaraguans touched by Sherin remember one of her phrases, ".... never try to reward to me what you consider I have done for you, just try to help others that will need help from you."


In March and April, we are reminded of the passing of two Wisconsin women, Sherin and Lynda, who significantly influenced many Nicaraguan women.  Lynda Pracht believed in the good will of the volunteers in Nicaragua, especially Petronila's will.  In honor to Sherin and Lynda, Petronila is adding to their legacy of volunteerism by offering English Classes to other volunteers that want to have the opportunity to improve their lives through Learning Center activities and W/NP programs in their communities.     


Petronila, a 20 year volunteer, is in her second year of the English career at UNAN (Nicaragua Autonomy National University).  


Volunteers from Wisconsin are invited to be part of the English program during their visits in Nicaragua by interacting with the English students through a language exchange program where W/NP volunteers can learn or improve their Spanish skill as well.



For more information please contact the W/NP office.

Wisconsin:  715-346-4702

Managua:     2-268-7586 or


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Stove and Chimney Project 

Wood stove smoke is a problem for ladies and the rest of their families, especially children, in rural Nicaragua as well as in the large cities. 


For the past two years, W/NP has been working with a volunteer group from North Carolina on building a model of a wood stove that includes a chimney.  Last year the first model of this stove was built in Estelí.  In examining the results, this stove meets the need for cooking and improves the smoke situation for many ladies in Nicaragua.  The stove model was put into practice based upon suggestions that came from those who do the cooking and desire improved health for their families. 


Link to video of stove installation 


Link to document with more info 

"This past year, Lilly has been cooking with her new stove and has made some of her own modifications to better meet her particular needs. After her cooking was done for the day, she put a steel plate in the first burner in order to make tortillas with the residual heat that had built up in the stove. Even more surprising, she figured out how to convert the stove into an oven to further utilize the heat that had already built up during the day. She would scoop out the coals and put them in an empty pot which was then placed in the first burner on top of the stove, as she had done with the tortilla plate. Then she closed the air draft, and put her pan in to bake. In effect, she had turned her stove into a Dutch oven. Both of these functions add greatly to the efficiency of the stove since they use the heat of the cool down phase which was going to be lost anyway. Lilly, and all the women are keenly aware of how expensive firewood is in their community, so it is not surprising to see these adaptive uses come into play."   - Fred Scales, North Carolina


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