FEBRUARY 10-16, 2014
Random Acts of Kindness Week
And most importantly, as you can see from the example below, kindness matters all year long, not just this week.  :-) 

December 2013

"This little girl is temporarily living near the W/NP office in Managua & is from Rio Blanco, Matagalpa. We happen to be going there Feb. 2014 with the Martin Eye glass project. She was really happy with a nice smile on her face, she comes from a very poor family. It just touches my heart to see kids like her. They appreciate anything one can give them and are so thankful."  

- Mirna


Thank you to everyone who donates stuffed animals, backpacks and school supplies, they are distributed all year long and much appreciated as you can see.


Nothing beats Service with a smile  Check out the WNP website this week


Take this week to step out of your normal routine or comfort zone and attempt a new random act of kindness each day this week.

The 2014 Martin Eyeglass Project returned to Wisconsin last week after fitting 2,426 people for glasses in Nicaragua.  


The eyeglass project efforts are far from random, as significant planning and resources are required, however, in reading this short story, embrace the inspiration about what happens when we genuinely look out for the needs of others, especially when things don't fall into place at first sight. 


Click here for a story about walking 4 hours for a pair of glasses only to find the group is done for the day... then what?  

Special thanks to Girl Scout Troops #8343 and #8373 for coming together, making a plan and gathering books for the kids in Nicaragua!  Amazing results!

These kids are looking forward to the March special delivery of books (that will be hand carried) for their library! 

Click here to check out the Learning Center Project on Indiegogo
 34 second video and 52 days left to raise $965       
Let's work together, pool our efforts and help the Learning Center opportunities continue into 2014!  Here are 3 amazing women who began as students many years ago and continue to this day to share their talents and skills with all those around them!