Bicycle Project 
Summer 2013 Bicycle Project Update
W/NP has been receiving and shipping bicycles from Wisconsin to Nicaragua for many years, and an official W/NP Bicycle Project took shape in 2009 when the Stanley Street Bicycle Project closed down.  For three years now, we have experienced growing success after starting an official "Bicycle Project" facilitated by Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners, the W/NP Learning Center network, individual volunteers and many other donors of bicycles and various items needed.     

Bicycle Repair - an important piece!
Bicycles are an important and economical mode of transportation 

Learning Center volunteers who need to travel long distances to attend the Learning Center activities or community events are grateful with this project as before they needed to walk.  When given the opportunity to receive a bicycle, the distance to walk is greatly reduced and saves much time.


Bicycles at the Lending Libraries 
The Bicycle Project is also providing bikes for the lending libraries.  Children have the opportunity to enjoy their visit in many ways, one being during the lending library activities they can ride a bike while they are waiting their turn to change their books.


Sometimes a little TLC is needed to give a second life....

W/NP is not just providing bikes to people in need, but also providing bicycle repair training to volunteers that want to develop this skill through our Learning Center program as well.  After officially getting the bicycle project established at the Managua Office, 10 different volunteers have had the opportunity to learn about bicycle repair and put into practice these skills, even solving some wheelchair repair issues too.


Special thanks to all who help make this project a success!! 

Thank YOU!