May  24 2013 
Special Learning Center Feature Story
Meet Sandra, Gaudalupe and Diddman  
Sewing machines and their impact:

The official project of learning to clean and repair sewing machines began in December 2006, following training provided by Norm Barber, Stevens Point.  The objective was to teach the cleaning, repair and maintenance of sewing machines.   The project benefits not only the Learning Centers, but also provides a skill to the people that reside within these communities.   Years later, thanks to the dedication of volunteers like these three, serious burn patients are receiving treatment. 


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Sandra, "The advice that I have for all the women is to learn as long as the opportunity is available, if they all put interest in learning they can be independent and invest their time to free the stress and improve  the economy of their homes."

Guadalupe, "The impact of the project is that more women wish to learn and participate of this Project that allows us to make changes in each one of our lives."


In Diddman's sewing machine course evaluation in 2006 at age 11 he comments that he would like to repair Industrial machines, and in 2013, now age 18, he saves the day for W/NP by changing the motor on the Industrial Serger for the Burn Therapy Dressing Project.  


Youth Exchange 

Firsthand experience is one of the best ways to learn about something new. The SPASH (Stevens Point Area Senior High School) Wisconsin/Nicaragua Student Partners group did a wonderful job coordinating another Youth Exchange for two students from Nicaragua to come and share time with the students and people from Wisconsin.  Special thanks to all who participated and helped make their experience possible and also very meaningful.  

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Fair at the Managua Office 
The May 18 Fair at the Managua Office had 200 - 300 in attendance! All the Learning Centers were invited to attend the fair, which will be routinely offered every three months (next fair August, 2013). It's an opportunity for teachers and students of the Learning Centers to display and sell their products, learn about improving their marketing, what sells good and areas they can make improvements in. 
The idea is to promote what the Learning Centers are doing and generate some income 

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