Learning Center Program = positive outcomes
Sherin Rose Bowen            02/28/38 - 03/20/2009



You taught us well and are dearly missed


I expect to pass through this

world but once, any good, therefore, that I can

show my fellow creatures ,let me not defer nor neglect it,

for I shall not pass this way again.

---Stephen Grellet---


Love preserves life as it was 



Sherin....she was ALL about people, always willing to "jump off the lily pad", helping others to realize their potential, creating opportunities and always putting others before herself...


"One comment I would like to add somewhere or to point out is that Petronila Solis is a very real example of how Sherin´s inspiration to empower women is flourishing. 


Well, Petronila, through the Learning Center Program, and as one of the oldest and best examples of volunteerism, got registered at two different national programs. One in where she would get the handcraft teacher certificate, and the other her high school diploma.


Successfully, she graduated from high school in November 2012, which will lead her get the first goal at the end of the year 2013.  Finally, she challenged herself to take the admission test to enter the National University to move on her last goal, a College degree in English Education." 

                 - Isabel Moraga 


Petronila Solis   - click below to hear it right from the source, in February, Petronila shared her story with us.... 




Over 20 years ago Petronila attended a W/NP Learning Center workshop. She was young and out of work at the time, but after learning how to sew, she sold clothes in her community.  Petronila has continued attending workshops and two years ago started teaching smocking in Managua and now teaches a variety of other classes. In addition to the teaching and continuing to sell clothes, she organizes the Chica Nica program ensuring that orders are met and that everyone does their part.  She is the Secretary of the 2013 Learning Center/Chica Nica Committee and continues to be an inspiration to those around her.  Thank you Petronila for your dedication and stellar example for others.   - Lynda Pracht, LC Coordinator