Saturday, October 20, 2012      EXTREME AIRLIFT:  VOLK FIELD, WI  to MANAGUA

Last Saturday, October 20th  the United States Air Force C-5 Galaxy arrived to Managua delivering 2 ambulances and 2 fire trucks from Wisconsin.   


At an estimated cost of $120K from Volk Field to Managua, airlift is not cheap!   The Denton cargo program allows free space on military aircraft to be used for humanitarian aid, truly making a difference for people all over the world.



Take a moment to watch a C-5 takeoff and imagine 4 vehicles inside - an amazing sight!  USAF C-5 Galaxy up close takeoff - (2:10) length



"We are really glad to get those vehicles to Managua for WNP and the bomberos in Nicaragua."  Ken Hundemer, JRI/Denton Operations


Below are a couple clips that bring the transport magnitude to life:




Troop Talk Extreme Airlift Intro  - A brief introduction (1:42) about extreme humanitarian airlift


Troop Talk - Extreme Airlift 2012  - A more detailed story about how it all happens (19:25), hear it right from the pilots (at about minute 9:50 a segment on humanitarian aid to Nicaragua)  - these are all reservists, balancing family and a full-time civilian career with their military obligations. 1st Lt. Jenna Onkon shares her experiences becoming a pilot at age 15 and now using her skills as a pilot to transport humanitarian aid. 


Lockheed C-5 GALAXY - WORLD'S LARGEST AIRCRAFT (1969) United States Air Force  -  History on the C-5 impressive aircraft to say the least!


Arrival of the trucks


Special thanks all those who have assisted in the coordination of this important transport, and to the Denton Program for including humanitarian aid in the United States military air transport system.  


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