Dear Friends,                           November 2014

We're trying something new! We're dedicating this newsletter to one of our core programs. Call it our 2015 Mini-Grant package - we're eager to tell you about the improvements we've made.

More programs are now eligible for consideration: not only special projects but also those that support the curriculum and the Common Core. As always, we're looking for programs, in or out of the classroom, that are innovative, creative and fun.


Our gallery of great Mini-Grants is back, featuring final reports that describe particularly successful programs. Showcasing the ability of teachers and librarians to create new ways of lighting a spark in their students is one of our great pleasures. Speaking of final reports, starting this year the deadline will be June 1, so you can check off one of your end-of-year responsibilities early.

Mini-Grants & the
Common Core

What smarter way to meet your yearly required goals than with a Mini-Grant? You design a fun program with those goals in mind, and your students - and administrators - will thank you.     

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Gallery of Great Mini-Grants
This selection of cool ideas, creative methods and compelling presentations will help inspire your own blow-us-away proposal. Read a new entry now!

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Take a Tip from Us   

Consider making your Mini-Grant program a collaboration. Working with a partner should add scope and perspective - and split the workload! 

From now until the March 15 deadline, we'll be offering tips for writing a strong proposal. We look forward to reading the results!


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Mini-Grant News
For this year's funding cycle, we reviewed every aspect of our Mini-Grant application process and made it even better!

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Pajama Party!
EJK Bedtime Stories  

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