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This week you can read about a fix for a fatal flaw in the Six Californias initiative, Santa Cruz County Business Council's upcoming Economic Forum, Modern Tribe's ambitious 2-year redesign project, Inboard Technology's M1 Beta Board, how to value a portfolio of illiquid startups, and AgTech in Salinas. And, there's more.

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The Salinas Valley is home to a more than $8 billion agriculture industry, and is now considered to be the world's AgTech hub. Find out what's up in AgTech in our own back yard. Read this story.

"It is always tricky to execute on a highly complex vision without having been part of the design process." Modern Tribe shares the story of their ambitious 2-year redesign project with Steelcase. Read this story.

"We're thrilled to announce that the M1 is on track for beta release at the end of the month! This is a big leap towards final release and we're psyched to dive into the details!" Find out what's new at Inboard. Read this story.

Steve Blum say the Six Californias initiative is making a roaring comeback. It just has one fatal flaw, but he has fixed it. Read this story.

How can we value a portfolio of illiquid start-ups? Mark Mitchell shares his thoughts in "What's it worth?" Read this story.

The company may not have an office in Santa Cruz any longer but there's still a connection to Santa Cruz and we think many of you will appreciate knowing how one of our own is having an influence. Read this story.

Santa Cruz County Business Council is hosting an Economic Forum on June 30, and the public is invited to attend. Read this story.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, one of the world's largest suppliers of antibodies for research, has agreed to pay a $3.5 million penalty, give up its animal dealer license and close its research lab. Read this story.

Santa Cruz County students win BIG at the 2016 International Science & Engineering Fair and CA State Science Fair. Read this story. 

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