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Modern Tribe (n�e Shane and Peter) just acquired GigPress. Looker and IBM have formed an aliance to develop an ecosystem of Looker Blocks for apps built on IBM Cloud Data Services. Find out which locals have been named key influencers in the high-growth coworking industry. Learn about the day-long Salinas Valley Ag Tech Summit held at Hartnell College last Wednesday. According to one speaker there, every farmer is an accountant, HR expert, hydrologist, mechanic, horticulturist, hedge fund manager. And, the finalists were announced for Startup Challenge Monterey Bay.

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Make smart farms? Make smart farmers. Hartnell hosts third annual Salinas Valley AgTech Summit. Read this story. 

Modern Tribe, a top digital agency with a collection of popular plugins on WordPress.org, announced that it has acquired GigPress. Read this story.

Now that the contracts are signed and the ink has dried, what does Modern Tribe + GigPress mean? Read this story.

Did you know Santa Cruzans influence the national coworking industry? Find out who's in "30 Most Influential People in Coworking 2016." Read this story.

Looker has formed an alliance with IBM Cloud Data Services to deliver new developer tools to simplify and customize data analysis for businesses utilizing IBM's Cloud Data Services. Read this story.

Find out how Looker, "by leaving data where it lives in IBM's suite of cloud data services, directly leverages the power of IBM's compute infrastructure and provides managed data access across an organization." Read this story.

Who made the list? Startup Challenge Monterey Bay announces the finalists for their 7th annual competition. Community members are invited to the final round. Read this story.

A cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence for children. Now UC Santa Cruz researchers are opening a new front in the battle against the disease. Read this story.

Community members are invited to see the results of the UCSC DANM MFA program in an exhibition, symposium, and performance. Read this story. 
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