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We've got updates from Blix and Inboard. Blix makes electric bicycles, and their newest product is the M.01. Inboard is in the final stretch for their first electric skateboard, the M1. Is this is a Moincidence? Tech Cares from HACK UCSC announces who the nonprofit recipients are for $4K.

April is a big event month. This Friday, April 1, you can get a "sneak peak" at Satellite's new Workspace & Digital Media Center in Santa Cruz. Cruz Cares has their big night on April 6 at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, the Mini-Maker Faire is April 16, and DNA Day at UCSC is April 25.

All this, and more.

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Get a "Sneak Peak" this Friday at Satellite's new Flexible Workspace & Digital Media Center in Santa Cruz. Read this story.

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Inboard is in the final stretch for their M1 electric skateboard. Check out their latest list of developments and milestones. Read this story.

The game design programs at UC Santa Cruz were named among the top programs in the country by the Princeton Review. Read this story. 

Come celebrate DNA Day on April 25 to honor the discovery of the double helix in 1953, and accomplishment of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Read this story.

Idea Fab Labs will showcase virtual sandbox at Mini-Maker Faire on April 16. Read this story.

How do PR pros monitor press for free with Google? Find out how MarketSpace improves the process. Read this story.  
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