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Sometimes everything just clicks. Read about Inboard's storybook welcome to Santa Cruz. Gesher Group tells about their visit to Google. Yes, apparently, Google is still the Holy Grail. What does Santa Cruz have that Huntsville, Alabama wants? Find out how they're following our lead.

All this and much more. We have the news you need to know. Scroll down and start reading!

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Enjoy the sweet story of how Inboard's love affair with Santa Cruz got started."There are certain moments in the business development journey when things just click." Read this story.

Huntsville, Alabama is following Santa Cruz's fiber lead: building a fiber to the home (and business) network and leasing it out to a private operator. Read this story.

Gesher Group visits Google and tells the story of their trip to wonderland. "Yes, everything you saw in The Internship is real!" Read this story.

Cruzio has the best connected building in the county, and now CEO Peggy Dolgenos has set her sights on "fibering up" the rest of the Santa Cruz community. Read this story.

hospitalityPulse will showcase solutions at ITB Berlin. roomPulse is their multi-dimensional inventory engine that automates hotel room assignments to streamline check in. Read this story.

Tuul (the company) has partnered with the City of Santa Cruz Graffiti Abatement Program to adapt Tuul (the app) to revolutionize the graffiti abatement process. Read this story.

Using technology to detect and record bird calls could be more cost-effective than surveys by field biologists. Read this story.

"We know that one bag of salad won't change the world, but how we make it might." Taylor Farms is committed to using clean energy to help power their food processing facilities. Read this story.

A new MBARI-created device, nestled in the heart of a roving, seven-foot yellow submarine, lets researchers peer into the ocean's changing chemical and microbial worlds. Read this story. 
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