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What's up this week? Wondering how to turn your to-do list into an action game plan? There's a new app for that. Learn about the important certificate of "networthiness" that Catbird just received. Find out what Box Bike is up to. Startup Weekend Monterey Bay is coming up January 29-31 at CSUMB. Hack UCSC 2016 takes place that weekend, as well. Learn how one of last year's teams helped the local nonprofit, O'Neill Sea Odessey. Applications are open for the second annual Cruz Cares. Digital NEST opened their new space in Watsonville for a sneak peak last Sunday. And, the NEST is hoping to open a space in East Salinas. Read about an invitation to AgTech and FoodTech startups. And, there's more.

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Wondering how to turn your to-do list into an action game plan? Check out the newly-released Focuster tool. Read now...   
Ocean Trackers Meet the Hackers! Local nonprofit O'Neill Sea Oddessey went to HACK UCSC last year and pitched an idea. What happened after that? Read now...

The US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command has issued a Certificate of Networthiness that allows Catbird Secure security to be used on the Army's network. Read now...

The Box Bike Collective's all-purpose cargo bicycle is made in Santa Cruz, easy to ride, versatile, zero-emissions, and even comes with electric assist. And, they're on Kickstarter. Read now...

A participant from last year's Startup Weekend Monterey Bay tells you what to expect at this year's event in Seaside. "Specific skills are not required -- just interest, passion and an open mind!" Read now...   

The second annual Cruz Cares Social Startup Competition is open for application. Interested? Apply by Feb 13. Read now...

Calling all AgTech and FeedTech startups! Thrive Accelerator invites you to apply by Jan 31 to their Salinas business program. Read now...

Digital NEST briefly opened its new, downtown Watsonville doors last Sunday for a sneak peek to donors, members, elected officials and dignitaries. Read now...

And, Digital NEST wants to open a training center in East Salinas. Taylor Farms and South Swell Ventures are helping the effort. Read now...

Look, Ma, I'm on TV! Community TV continues to produce their Santa Cruz Currents with the monthly tech segment. What's hot and what's not? View now...
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