Digest #118

The big news of the week is #FIBER in #SantaCruz. Two voices report on the recent vote by Santa Cruz City Council to move forward on the project.

Read about a 30 year old local company that you've probably never heard of.

Find out who has been seduced by the Siren's Song of Google.

And, RSVP soon for CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, a renowned documentary about the dearth of female and minority software engineers, screening at Cruzio on Thursday, January 14, hosted by Baskin School of Engineering.

All this, and more news that you need to know! Start reading!

Sara Isenberg
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Sara Isenberg


 Top Stories: 
  • More on Fiber. Santa Cruz will have the first gigabit fiber-to-the-home network in Silicon Valley. Fiber! Fiber! Fiber!
  • Siren's Song Seduces Neuner! It's ironic that he will commute over Highway 17, but who can resist Google? At least Neuner can ride the Google bus for some daily peace and quiet. Hey, let's start a rumor that Google is coming to Santa Cruz. (jk!)


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