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Digest #98

One of my favorite guest features ever published in SCTB is in this digest. Read the charming story of how one family... just read it. It illustrates how our community ecosystem works. Looker reveals some amazing growth and a new CMO. And, the City of SC Economic Development Office (EDO) launches their new this-is-why-we-love-Santa-Cruz website. Plus more, below.

By coincidence, SCTB's 100th digest milestone lines up with our 2nd year anniversary in two weeks. How cool is that?!

Sara Isenberg, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

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Sara Isenberg

 Top Stories: 
  • Little Did We Suspect How Much Awaited Us is the charming story of how one family, itching for a change, landed in Santa Cruz sight-unseen, fell in love, and is never going back -- except to sell their house. Get some warm & fuzzies...


  • Affirming everything we love about living here, Santa Cruz Economic Development Office showcases local industry and culture in their new website (developed by Design by Cosmic). ChooseSantaCruz!


  • Looking Up: Looker appoints new CMO, reveals amazing growth, and adds customers to an already impressive client list. 'Sup at Looker?


  • Want to play Bach in a tuning he actually used? Local developer releases an application for learning about musical tunings and temperaments used throughout history. Learn more now...


  • Answer: Try More Fiber! (Not talking bran cereal.) What's the question? Cruzio co-founder, Chris Neklason is the July 4th guest on GeekSpeak radio. Listen now.


  • Citizen Connect: A new mobile app from the County of Santa Cruz allows citizens to report potholes, graffiti, environmental health concerns, and more. Learn more now...


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