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Two weeks ago I introduced a Features section that will focus on original content news articles. Check out the two feature articles, below, one about South Swell Ventures' support for the local tech ecosystem and the formation of Central Coast Angels, and the other about Isentio, a bio-med company that has recently moved operations from Norway to the US with a Santa Cruz office. I invite you to share your news about goings-on the our Santa Cruz tech ecosystem. Launch a new product? Complete an interesting project? Attend an event? Please contact me.


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  • Isentio: bacterial DNA hunters
    What if your doctor could more accurately identify the source of a complex bacterial infection in a few hours instead of the 3-10 days it currently takes? This is one of the questions Isentio asked. 


  • Events coming up:
  • The Startup Challenge will hold intro workshops Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11
    The Startup Challenge, formerly called the Monterey Bay Regional Business Plan Competition, is an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups, and emerging companies to showcase their ideas and business concepts. The Challenge connects regional entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs, funders, consultants, support programs, regional and local angels and venture capitalists.







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