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  • Santa Cruz broadband policy overhaul moves ahead, despite divisions
    "Santa Cruz County supervisors approved an eight-month time line today for rewriting plans and rules regulating new broadband infrastructure. Originally proposed by Aptos supervisor Zach Friend, the goal is a comprehensive set of policies that shortens the approval process and ensures that broadband is an integral part of future new construction projects."


  • Velvetwire launches Kickstarter campaign  for Powerslayer product
    From Jennifer Lee and Eric Bodnar: "We started with an everyday mobile charger and made it smart. We embedded an advanced system for eliminating energy waste and optimizing battery performance. The software knows to power down when devices are charged and power back on when they're  not - delivering energy only as needed. Just plug in and Powerslayer does the rest."

  • 5 questions with gaming legend Graeme Devine of GRL Games
    'Mobile games gives me an opportunity to get some of the 80s feeling back in game development, short game cycles with small teams. Halo Wars was 4.5 years with 120 people. Now it's just me in a co-working office in downtown Santa Cruz!"






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