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  • "Brenda Romero began her career as Brenda Brathwaite and as a game tester before moving up and designing on games in the Wizardry series of RPGs and Jagged Alliance. She later worked for Atari on the Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes. John Romero is one of the founders of Doom developer Id Software, where he also worked on Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen, and Quake. He later formed Ion Storm to work on Daikatana."  


  • MotionX-24/7 by Fullpower:
  • NTS Works: Neal Saiki of Santa Cruz unveils electric cargo bike for $4,800
    "Imagine a bicycle with a cargo carrier strong enough to cart 100 pounds of groceries using a small battery-powered motor that makes it easy to ride up hills. Inventor Neal Saiki of startup NTS Works already has. His 2x4 cargo bike is priced at $4,800 retail, but he's selling it for $3,600 to the first 100 backers on Kickstarter.com."
  • Watsonville moving ahead with city fiber project to replace Charter service
    "Although the project is a standalone proposition, there's the possibility it could interconnect with a proposed middle mile fiber network for California's central coast that would stretch from Santa Cruz to Watsonville, and then on to Salinas and Soledad. Phase one bids are due on 8 October 2013."

  • UC Santa Cruz research funding tops $130 million for 2012-13
    "The single largest award, $25 million, was for projects carried out by the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), located at the NASA Ames Research Center, from its continuing contract with NASA. Biomolecular Engineering received the campus's second-largest award, in the amount of $6.9 million, from National Institutes of Health/National Human Genome Research Institute."


  • SC Sentinel: Event Santa Cruz kicks off with first in monthly series
    "Santa Cruz is a place like no other. It's a place where people come together to support each other and do amazing things when they take the risk. That was the message ... as six people who have started successful businesses in Santa Cruz shared their stories with a full house at the 220-seat Nickelodeon Theatre.The evening, organized by Matthew Swinnerton, started with a short film by activist artist Nada Miljkovic, featuring people who run businesses in Santa Cruz." The second event is scheduled for October 16.    


  • An Insider looks at Cruzio coworking in Santa Cruz "Co-founded by Peggy Dolgenos and Chris Neklason, who founded Cruzio Internet 23 years ago in their garage, this coworking space is a long-held dream of theirs. The collaborative environment is partly modeled off their experience working at Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), a tech company that thrived (and partied) in the late 70's and 80's in Santa Cruz."  



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