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  • Santa Cruz the birthplace of consumer-friendly technology PrivacyFix
    "Rather than pitch a product to venture capitalists or seek revenue from advertisers, Jim Brock took a different route. His strategy was to create a database on privacy policies of 5,000 websites and 1,200 tracking companies and rate them on how well your privacy is protected."

  • CrowdGrader brings crowdsourcing to the task of grading homework
    "Using a novel crowdsourcing algorithm that relies on a reputation system to assess each student's grading accuracy, CrowdGrader combines the student-provided grades into a consensus grade for each submission. Luca de Alfaro, professor of computer science at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering, and graduate student Michael Shavlovsky developed CrowdGrader."  



  • UC Santa Cruz receives $1.45M NSF grant for teacher training initiative
    "One of the problems that UCSC and the NSF are hoping to solve is the shortage of teachers for STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math... The grant will be used to enhance the existing Noyce Scholarship program at UCSC, which supports students who are committed to teach math and science in local high-need school districts."

  • Local Filmmaker, Chris McGilvray, partners with Oracle to produce video bios for sailors for Oracle Team USA
    "Over the last 4 months we've had the great opportunity to work on this series of Bios for the Sailors of ORACLE TEAM USA. It has been such a pleasure getting to learn more about the guys that man these incredible feats of Engineering and the interests and histories that drive them.  My favorite piece of the 24 was Jimmy Spithill because he really opened up about the dynamic nature of sailing and the various areas he draws inspiration from."

  • PredPol Featured on AJAM's TechKnow Show "PredPol creates live maps in the police station that display past crimes as well as predicted hotspots, so officers know which areas to patrol more closely during their shifts. The software doesn't account for a "gut instinct" when it comes to police work, but it can be a helpful tool to point cops in the right direction."  




Noteworthy, but not brand new
  • Watch: Graeme Devine tells the short history of Full Deck Solitaire
    Veteran adventure game developer -- who now calls Santa Cruz home -- tells how his wife and daughter inspired him to create an online solitaire game that became the number one free card game, and then the number one free game. An unexpected business was born and their game has had over 2 million downloads in two years.  

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