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  • Read 3-part series on the Santa Cruz Start Up Economy, by Xconomy's Wade Roush: 
  • UCSC acquires powerful new astrophysics supercomputer system "The powerful new 'Hyades' supercomputer will be used by UCSC researchers to simulate phenomena such as exploding stars, black holes, magnetic fields, planet formation, the evolution of galaxies, and how structure emerged in the cosmos after the big bang."  
Noteworthy, but not brand new:
  • A "drone hobbyist is giving Santa Cruzans a previously unseen view of the legendary surf spot, taking a remote-control 'quad copter,' equipping it with a GoPro camera and sending it out over the break for a video that seems destined to go viral."
  • UCSC and industry partners launch center for data storage research "As 'big data' moves from today's petabyte storage platforms to tomorrow's exabyte platforms, the critical issues are performance, scalability, and reliability. CRSS -- The Center for Research in Storage Systems -- will conduct research in storage systems to enable not only the construction of large-scale data centers, but also the development of tools to manage the vast amounts of data necessary to make exascale computing a reality."    

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