September 30, 2016

If Your DACA Is Pending You Can Speed It Up! 
Is your DACA renewal application delayed? Last week USCIS announced that you can now follow up on your case if it has been pending more than 105 days. Several of our clients have already immediately succeeded to receive their DACA renewals! Once the work card is approved you can extend your driver's license. Call us today if you need to speed up your process. 
Meet Jennifer, Our Newest Team Member

Jennifer Moore joined Weinstock Immigration Lawyers this May. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she has lived in Atlanta for 10 years now. She is the newest case manager in our team and helps our attorneys with family-based immigration, waivers and defense against deportation.

Jennifer has a master's degree in psychology. She also lived in London for a few years and got to experience world traveling while doing research for her master's degree throughout Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. She landed in the immigration field by chance, when a friend offered her an internship to help with an asylum case. She found a passion for immigration law and fell in love with helping immigrants.

We are very happy to have her as a part of our team. Jennifer has a unique sense of humor and always finds the upside in a situation. Jennifer is also looking for a solution to obstacles that she faces. She is an avid yoga lover, and she would like to be certified and teach a few classes in East Atlanta, where she resides. Right now she is busy with wedding plans as she is about to get married in November.

She is a compassionate, perfectionist and hard working addition to our team of talented women. If you want to immediately win her over, just mention how cute Milo, her dog is. Here is proof.  

De-stressing and resting is an integral part of reaching your peak performance. Working all the time with little rest only grinds you further and does not make you more productive. Find a way to de-stress. Jennifer's way is to do a yoga session at the end of each workday to help her find her calm after a hectic day at the office and going through Atlanta traffic. Find what makes you feel good and disconnect from all electronics (yes, your TV, phone, etc.) for at least 30 minutes each day and do an activity that is fun for you. Bring joy and laughter into your day- did you know that babies and small children laugh on average 200 times per day but an average adult only laughs on average 20 times per day?     

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