December 29, 2015
Happy New Year!
The end of a year is always time to look back and reflect on the things that we want to improve. We make New Year resolutions and we visualize what we would like to be like in the near future. We want to share Sol and Abundio's story, as it is one of perseverance and love.  
Sometimes Miracles Do Happen

My name is Sol Burton. I was working at Bank of American when one of our customers caught my eye.  We started talking and I realized how much we had in common and how important family is to him.  We got to know each other better and later met each other's families. I instantly felt like I found the person who understood me and completed me.  Abundio and I dated for several months and eventually got married in 2012. I sponsored him for the green card through the I-601A provisional waiver process. 

We went to several attorneys that filed the wrong type of waiver for him and our case eventually got denied. We consulted a few other attorneys who predicted that after a denial we would never get approved. However, we refused to surrender. 

When we met Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, they immediately found a solution for our case and guided us every step of the way. Not only did they file the correct documents the first time, they prepared us fully for the interview and were available to answer all of our questions. After going to Ciudad Juarez and staying a few days, he was approved for his permanent resident status.  He returned to us just the day before Thanksgiving which was an amazing gift for our entire family to be together for the holiday season.  

Because of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, we can now celebrate Christmas together as a family. 

Make sure you do everything in your power to achieve your resolutions. Set up time frames, go for achievable goals and have a 
list of them somewhere in sight. You will see that by the end of the year most of them will be accomplished!