May 29, 2015
New obstacle in the way of Executive Action


This Tuesday a federal appeals court denied a request from Justice Department attorneys to allow President Barack Obama's Executive Action on Immigration to go into effect. However, an expedited appeal was filed and the 5th circuit court of appeals will hear oral arguments on Executive Action on July 10 in New Orleans. The Executive Action was temporary suspended in February in a lawsuit brought by the State of Texas and 25 other states just a few hours before the first stage of the program was set to go into effect. 

Patrizia Cavaliere, actress & model


Patrizia arrived in NYC in October 2011. She is an Italy born German citizen who worked in major TV productions in her home country, Germany. At that point in her life, she felt that she needed a change. She first thought of doing volunteering work in Africa, but the organization required a long term commitment so she changed her plans and decided to fly to New York instead, for some cultural experience and inspiration. As a German citizen, Patrizia could enter the United States with the ESTA visa waiver program. She felt that the cultural activities and the fun that the city offered were exactly what she needed as a time-off period to rethink about her life and plan for the future.  


Patrizia soon discovered that the US and New York in particular had a lot to offer her with respect to her acting career. She met many people from the film industry and received several offers and auditions for film productions. When she met filmmaker Ric Klass, who wanted her to take part in his upcoming projects, she decided to move to the US for a while and pursue the opportunities that unfolded to her.


After two years of going back and forth from Germany to the US with ESTA to participate in several of Ric's projects, Patrizia decided she would give it a try and live more permanently in the United States. Through a friend, she was recommended to us and thanks to our team's hard work she got her O-1 artist visa for three years. This enabled her to live in New York City and pursue her dream of acting and modeling.


She was last seen in the motion picture Avalanche Sharks and has been doing acting and modeling work in the last several months and who knows? She may be starring in the next blockbuster film that you go to the movie theater to see. Here are some pictures she gladly shared with us. 

Take advantage of the obstacles


Most of the time, there are obstacles in life. It is up to us to see them as a failure or to learn from them and overcome them. Whenever you find a problem in your plan, evaluate it, seek help if necessary to rise above it and continue pursuing your dream.