April 30, 2014
H-1B visas under review

USCIS received a record number of over 233,000 H-1B visa petitions for the FY2016 cap starting on October 1st, 2015. Only 85,000 visas are available. The lottery has been conducted and receipts are in the process of being issued. We received some so far and are waiting on others. 

Awaz's family reunion


Awaz and her husband came to the United States from Iraq years ago escaping the unrest and turmoil in hopes of a better life for themselves and most of all for their newly born daughter. Awaz left everything behind including her parents and all of her family for the chance to raise her daughter in a place that offers the best opportunities for her future. After becoming a U.S. citizen, Awaz wanted nothing more than to bring her parents to the United States. She had not seen them for years because she could not travel back to Iraq and they were not allowed visas to the United States. She started the process but faced endless and frustrating delays with the National Visa Center. She continuously provided the necessary documents only for the National Visa Center to ask for them all over again. Her parents' case went on for several years unnecessarily. Meanwhile, the conflict in the region where her parents lived in the North was escalating after the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Desperate to complete the green card process for her parents, she reached out to our firm to handle her case. She recounts that all she wanted was the luxury of having her parents over for dinner and to sit in her own living room, and be involved in their granddaughter's life, something she had not ever been able to do in her lifetime and something people often take for granted. After a few months of working with our office and the U.S. embassy in Iraq, Awaz's parents received their immigrant visas and were able to be reunited after so many years.

Awaz, her husband, and her daughter have lived the United States for more than 20 years but finally their happiness and family is now complete. Awaz does not regret her sacrifice so many years ago. Her parents received their permanent residency but also the opportunity to finally live with their family in a place where they do not have to fear for their daily safety.  

Click here for pictures of Awaz and her father.


Are you a H-4 holder eligible for work?


USCIS will begin accepting applications for work authorization for certain spouses of H-1B visa holders on May 26, 2015. Not all H-4 visa holders are eligible. Only spouses of H-1B holders with approved I-140 immigrant visa petitions, or spouses of H-1B visa holders with approved AC21 extensions qualify, meaning that their labor certifications have been pending for over 365 days. To find out about your or your employee's eligibility, please contact Laura at lquinche@visa-pros.com