December 17, 2014
Always keep innovating

Innovative companies, especially startups, need to operate very quickly. This month we want to share a story with you about our innovative client, Pley, Inc., and their story to keep an essential employee. Pley is a startup founded on the idea of renting LEGO and other toys, similar to Netflix's original model of renting DVDs. The idea came to the founder, a mother, whose son quickly got bored of toys. Children get bored of toys easily and love to get new ones regularly, so why not offer their parents the option of renting the toys for a fraction of the buying cost?

Think outside the box, it pays off!  


Pley is still a startup and continues to rapidly expand. The company has already amassed a healthy client base, with over 15,000 subscribers and has shipped more than 75,000 sets to customers. The company was featured on CNN, Time, and other news outlets. Click here to see a video interview of Pley's co-founder, Elina Furman. See who they are.

In the near future, the company plans to use the funds it has raised so far to double its staff, expand operations to Europe and Australia, and begin offering other educational toys, specifically STEM (science, technology education and mathematics) toys such as Modular Robotics and littleBits Electronics, to help society to raise more creative and skillful generations that follow the principles of open-ended play while emphasizing the benefits of sharing, reducing waste and giving back to the community.  

It was critical for the company to retain a Business Intelligence Manager whom they have worked with, in order to evaluate market research and improve overall efficiency, finding ways to enhance and improve the company. Pley contacted us to ensure that they would be able to retain this manager, since it was crucial that he assist the company with the challenge of growing sustainably. We were able to file for the visa very quickly and receive the approval on time.  

How to Merge?


Many innovations involve merging two different concepts, ideas or industries to create something new. Renting things in a monthly subscription model is not new but applying it to children's toys is new and unique. Merging sunscreen and bug spray created a new product that does both. Similarly, merging different cultures and perspectives into your team can often increase the team's creativity and productivity by merging different concepts and ideas. And you, how can you apply the merging idea in your business or personal life in the New Year? Happy holidays from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers!!