September 30, 2014
Hope for Hispanic Heritage month

To honor Hispanic Heritage month we wanted to share with you the story of Enrique Escobar. He was in deportation proceedings and almost lost hope when he contacted us. 

Hope lost and then found

Enrique Escobar is an ordained Methodist minister who came legally on a religious worker visa and found himself in removal proceedings by mistake, after a critical notice from USCIS was lost in the mail, causing him to file his application for permanent residence too late. The application was denied when he filed it, and he was told to report to an Immigration Judge to face removal from the United States.  


Rev. Escobar had reached out to several lawyers who told him that nothing could be done in his case, and following a consultation with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers he hired us.  After exhaustive research on the case we argued to the judge to why his application for permanent residence should have been accepted and approved despite the delay in filing it.  


After being in removal proceedings for 4 years, Rev. Escobar's case was terminated and a few months later, he was approved for permanent residence or green card. He is now able to carry on his holy work working with Hispanic families in Alabama without fear of deportation.  

The importance of being diligent 

Many Hispanic clients have the mindset of waiting for the authorities to act. Because of culture and how things work in Latin America, fear of government, etc., they do not follow up on their immigration applications. Some are misinformed on what they are and are not eligible for because they saw it on TV or heard from friends. When dealing with the U.S. government, diligence is extremely important. When we file applications for clients, we follow-up and follow through to ensure they are processed in a timely manner and nothing falls through the cracks.