June 27, 2014
Welcome New Team Member Lucia

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is happy to announce an addition to our team: Lucia Martin-Casero, who just arrived from Spain to work in marketing. We welcome Lucia to our team, and want to introduce you to our newest team member by sharing a little about her story and her experience so far of coming to the U.S. from Spain.

Lucia's Story - New Arrival to America

My name is Lucia and I arrived in Atlanta less than two weeks ago to join the team at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I came from Spain and have firsthand experience of what it is like to go through the immigration process to get a U.S. work visa.

I had previously lived in the United States and as much as I love my home country, I came across this wonderful opportunity and I felt that I could not let it slip, as I wanted to expand my opportunities. I am sure it will be extremely enriching for my future and that I will only gain good things from this experience working with a talented team of professionals.

My personal experience with immigration was quite straightforward because Karen Weinstock and the team helped me throughout the process, from filling out the paperwork to preparing me for the interview at the embassy so that I was well-prepared.  Getting into the U.S. embassy in Madrid for my appointment was a little unsettling because I had to go through a scanner, give up my phone and electronic belongings and wait a long time, going back and forth to the counter before my interview process was complete. However, because of the excellent preparation that I received, I left the embassy knowing that my visa was approved.

With a smooth sailing interview behind me and my visa in hand, I packed my life in a suitcase and left my family and friends behind to start my new journey in America.

So far, the team has been extremely welcoming and helpful with the transition. All of them have done nothing but patiently answer all my questions and explain how things work around here, and I look forward to continue working with them. Wish me luck!

How to go get a work visa smoothly and easily? 

The process was quite easy for me because I had great legal assistance from start to finish. The team prepared all the documents for me and prepped me for every step so I knew what to expect and how to conduct myself. These are two very important things that every person should have: an attorney who prepares the client for every step and thoroughly explains what to expect during each part of the process.