April 30, 2014
Weinstock Immigration Newsletter Launches

After a huge effort from our team working on our website, we are releasing our first newsletter. Our monthly newsletter will feature an inspiring client story, and we welcome your feedback to our new direction.

Quality Representation Unites the Garcia Family 

We met Teresa Garcia when she came to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers seeking a second opinion about her husband's immigration case. Teresa is a U.S. citizen who at the time was working two jobs but still struggling to support her family while her husband, Everardo De Paz, was in Mexico not able to return to the United States. Unexpectedly, just 3 days after the birth of their daughter, Everardo had been picked up by the immigration authorities at a random roadblock for not having a valid driver's license. He was then detained and placed in removal proceedings and left for Mexico without any promise of returning to the United States.


Ms. Garcia had previously hired another attorney to file an application on behalf of her husband to bring him back from Mexico. This application was pending for more than a year and still was not approved. She sensed something else could be done and sought a second opinion from immigration attorney Karen Weinstock. We told her this was outside the norm, and there were specific actions she could take in order to resolve her case faster. She hired us because she could not bear the separation from her husband. Within a few months thereafter, Teresa's application was approved and her husband returned home.


Everardo had been previously unlawfully in the U.S., so it was necessary to file an unlawful presence waiver for him. To win a hardship waiver is not easy. The standard for approval is high because the immigration officers scrutinize each aspect. Everardo's waiver application was approved very quickly due to the expertise and diligence by our team, especially by paralegal Kristen Wilson. We were there for Teresa and her husband every step of the way. The entire Garcia family feels happy, grateful and blessed to have Everardo back in the U.S. as a permanent resident. 

Watch out for red flags

Teresa advises anyone with an immigration problem to: "seek help from an attorney who is proactive and communicates well with their clients and watch out for the early warning signs and red flags" in attorney representation. Teresa's red flags with her prior attorney were that they filled out forms incorrectly, missing details and errors, even after Teresa requested them to be corrected and they did not answer her calls or call her back. Teresa recommends to seek another lawyer immediately if you have communication or repeated error issues.