July 2014
New addition to our team: Nellie Navidi

Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is excited to announce an addition to our team: immigration attorney Nellie Navidi. Nellie has ten years of experience in immigration law and has worked as an immigration attorney both at large law firms and non-profit organizations. We welcome Nellie to our team, and want you to join us in welcoming her as well.

Nellie Navidi

My name is Nellie Navidi. I was born in Tehran, Iran and I moved to the U.S. with my family when I was very young. My father was a doctor who moved to train and work in the U.S. I was raised in the Washington, D.C. area within the Persian community. During my first years in school in the U.S., I was discriminated against as an immigrant for confusing English and Farsi and my teachers advised my parents not to speak a second language. 


I later moved to Miami, Florida to attend university and law school and I was able to learn Spanish. I loved Miami because the Latin and Caribbean influences taught me to enjoy life at its fullest. I fell into a different way of viewing life, tastes, music, cultural diversity and appreciating every day experiences. I studied abroad in Spain and traveled throughout the world by boat, train, and plane. My most memorable travel was throughout China in 1998 where there was no Western influence at the time and we were treated like movie stars.


I am very excited to join Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. It is a wonderful group of dedicated, intelligent, sincere, and caring women. I immediately felt comfortable when I realized many of my co-workers came from immigrant backgrounds, speaking so many languages. It is truly a global office where we are not just the attorneys and case managers, but have a personal immigration story. I plan to use my experience in immigration law with my positive and energetic attitude to assist as many clients as I can. 

Beware of "friendly" advice 

Because of my immigrant background and personal experiences, I know how challenging it can be to leave your country, language, and culture and have to integrate into a different one. To minimize frustrations with the immigration process, you need to find the best immigration assistance because each case is unique and complicated, and no one has your exact situation. Asking friends and relatives, comparing histories will only create additional confusion and frustration because of missed expectations. So don't ask your friends for immigration advice, ask the experts instead.