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June 2013 Newsletter |
June 13, 2013
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At notMYkid, we inspire positive life choices by educating our community about the consequences of destructive youth behaviors. Young adults who have overcome life-controlling addictions and behaviors share their personal stories with middle and high school students. In an effort to promote our prevention message we educate adults on the same addictions and destructive behaviors. Our goal is to increase awareness of the challenges kids face, provide information, and offer resources to support the success of students, families and educators.

notMYkid Updates
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New notMYkid Website Launch
We are excited to announce the official launch of the new notMYkid website.  We've been working closely with web design powerhouse MM Identity Lab to create a new website that captures the spirit and passion of notMYkid, while providing valuable resources, engaging original content, and intriguing design.  With an emphasis on usability, our new website will allow you to find what you're looking for as quickly as possible.  Have a look at the new site, and be sure to stop by regularly, as we will consistently be adding interesting new material and helpful information.
Along with our new website comes the introduction of our new speaker program, amplif(i).  In addition to sharing their personal stories of overcoming obstacles, our amplif(i) Peer Educators will help young people in Arizona "amplif(i)" their own voices in the name of making positive decisions.  An informative and inspirational resource for youth, amplif(i) encourages others to join the movement by sharing their own stories and by speaking up for those who are struggling. For more information and to stay up-to-date on this exciting new program, visit the amplif(i) website at and the amplif(i) blog at
Donor Spotlight
notMYkid was recently named a recipient of the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation Grand Slam Award in the amount of $100,000. The Arizona Diamondbacks are joining forces with notMYkid to "Team up to Strike out Bullying" in Valley middle schools and high schools. Considering that many kids will listen to their favorite athletes, having the Diamondbacks players on board with our message to prevent bullying is a huge win for the community.The Grand Slam Awards are made possible by fundraising efforts by the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and by contributions from the D-backs' Partnership Group.
Arizona Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall Talks About the DBacks Partnership With notMYkid
Click to watch Arizona Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall talk about the DBacks partnership with notMYkid
notMYkid Making an Impact in Arizona Schools
notMYkid is excited about the impact we've had during the 2012-2013 school year.  Through the month of May, we have taken our message of prevention through education to over 80,000 students and adults in Arizona.  Our adult educators have presented to 4,941 adults at 196 venues across the state.  Meanwhile, our student peer educators have shared their stories with 76,628 students during 394 school presentations.  These numbers show dramatic growth over the prior school year, and we anticipate that next year will bring even more expansion and success.  

Not only is notMYkid presenting a message of prevention and positive life choices in hundreds of Arizona schools, but that message is getting through.  Our Peer Educators frequently receive letters from local students who have seen our presentations.  The following is just a small sampling of some of the things students have said in their letters to notMYkid peer educators:

"Now I will know what to do if I ever get in an abusive relationship.  I learned that I need to tell someone, no matter what, and that it is important for people to help you."


"I will NEVER do drugs, and the presentation empowered me to make that decision."


"I am comforted to know that there is always someone I can talk to."


"If I am ever in that kind of situation, I will surely think back to your presentation."
"I will never forget what you said: 'The choices you make dictate the life you live.'"

Summer Parent Alert

Summer is here, and kids everywhere are excited about vacation.  For many young people, summer vacation is a time for traveling, relaxing, and fun.  However, summer can also be a dangerous time for many children and teens, due to the increased likelihood of experimentation with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.


According to a 2012 report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), youth between the ages of 12 and 17 are far more likely to start using most substances during the summer than during other parts of the year.  One example is alcohol.  During most months, the daily average for first-time alcohol use among adolescents ranges between 5,000 and 8,000.  However, in June and July, that number climbs to over 11,000.


drugs and alcohol   


Boredom and a surplus of free time can be contributing factors to the increase in adolescent substance abuse during the summer.  Additionally, a lack of adult supervision also plays a role.  Therefore, it is crucial that parents are aware of their children's whereabouts and activities during the summer.  Communication is another essential tool in preventing substance abuse, and parents need to speak candidly with their kids about the risks and consequences involved with substance abuse.  Keep in mind that communicating with your children about the dangers of substance abuse is not a one-time conversation, but should be an ongoing dialog.  It's also important for children and teens to have positive activities to keep them occupied during the summer.  Finally, home drug testing serves as both an effective deterrent to drug experimentation and a way for parents to verify that their children are remaining drug free.


For resources and information to create a family drug prevention plan, visit the following link to our downloadable and printable handout for parents:


"What's on Your Kid's Mind?


For tips on proactive and positive communication with your kids, visit the following link to our downloadable and printable handout for parents:

"Talking With Kids"


For more information on the SAMHSA report detailing increased adolescent substance experimentation during the summer, visit the following link: link: 


notMYkid in the Community

2013 has been a very exciting time here at notMYkid, and March and April were particularly busy.  The month of March saw notMYkid's participation in the 2013 National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Phoenix Walk, as well as Arizona Gives Day.  Meanwhile, in the span of just two short weeks in April, we hosted both our annual fundraising gala and our 420 parent awareness and drug prevention campaign.  Each event was a major triumph for notMYkid, and expanded on the success of our prior events.


NEDA Phoenix Walk

On Sunday, March 3rd, notMYkid took a two-pronged approach in support of the NEDA Phoenix walk, by hosting a booth near the starting line, and having notMYkid employees participating in the walk.  At the walk, notMYkid was able to lend support to an amazing cause, while also recruiting potential new Peer Educators to speak in schools on the topic of eating disorders.  We look forward to seeing what next year's NEDA walk will bring.


Arizona Gives Day 

March 20th was another big day for notMYkid, and non-profits all around the state, thanks to Arizona Gives Day.  During the 24-hour local event, a number of generous donors contributed to our organization.  We at notMYkid would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of those who made Arizona Gives Day a success for our organization.


Arizona Gives Day 2013
The notMYkid staff celebrates on Arizona Gives Day


Be The Ball - Round 2 

We continued with a golf theme for this year's gala, as the Caddyshack-inspired "Be The Ball - Round 2" took place on Friday, April 12th at CrackerJax in Scottsdale.  Attendees were treated to food, fun, games, and the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes in our Helicopter Ball Drop.  Most importantly, all the funds raised by the event will go directly toward taking our message of prevention through education to as many Arizona schools as possible.


notMYkid 2013 Gala Video
Click to view the notMYkid 2013 Gala Video


420 Awareness and Prevention Campaign

Just seven days later, notMYkid's 420 parent awareness and drug prevention campaign made its way into more than a dozen cities across the U.S. on April 19th.  Our staff and Peer Educators sought to raise parent awareness of "420" (April 20th), a date that has become known as a national "drug holiday" for many young people.  With the support and partnership of First Check and Rural Metro, notMYkid distributed thousands of free drug test kits to proactive parents and grandparents, along with detailed information on how to form a customized family drug prevention plan.  The response was nothing short of amazing, and numerous individuals throughout the country expressed their gratitude for the campaign.


Southwest Ambulance and Rural/Metro Public Information Officers Katy Reeve and Colin Williams join notMYkid founder Debbie Moak in front of the notMYkid offices for the 420 Awareness and Prevention campaign

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Your tax-deductible donations make it possible for notMYkid to share a message of hope and positive life choices with students, parents, and faculty in Arizona.  Please click the button above to financially support notMYkid's prevention education programs.  

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