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Calling all skilled drafters, designers and engineers! We specialize in providing challenging and exciting engineering and design jobs across the U.S. 

Are you ready for your next assignment? Packaging Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Design, SolidWorks Designer, Mechanical Design, Project Engineer or Piping Designer, and more. 

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robot Robots Are Not Killing Jobs, Says a Roboticist

For half a century, we've watched as computers, sensors, and robots have eliminated jobs-sometimes entire job categories-but also been responsible for them. Sometimes both. For example, technology created 350 000 telephone operators, only to lose them. By the way, that's roughly the same number of people employed at-take your pick-HP, Panasonic, or Samsung, plus Intel. Read more.

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MD&M (Medical Device & Manufacturing) East

We look forward to making great connections at the 30th anniversary event.


NYC SolidWorks User Group Meeting in May. The March meeting kicked off with the "Top 10 Sexiest Moments of SolidWorks World 2013" and we're anxious to see what's on the agenda for May! 


Hiring Trends Now: Quest for the "Perfect" Candidate

Hiring managers: Things are slowly turning around to a "new normal." I have to be 110% confident the new hire has all the skills I need.

Job seekers: I'm customizing my resume and cover letter and keeping my skill honed. 236,000 jobs were added in February alone, what am I doing wrong?

The reality: Hiring has picked up and the supply of top talent is tightening...Read more.                                                               JES_Facebook JES_Linkedin