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We are a trusted source of healthcare professionals for organizations of all sizes across the country, from large regional facilities to small community medical centers. Open physician positions often include: Family Practice, Emergency Room, Ophthalmologist, OMT, Medical Director, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeon and more. Search our open jobs now.

A Picture of Healthcare Spending
Looking for some numbers about personal healthcare spending, the cost of chronic conditions and more? Check out this infographic from TopMastersInHealthCare for statistics about: 

  • The increase in per capita health care spending over the past 50 years
  • Leading causes of death 
  • Obesity in America 
  • Prescription drug use 
  • And more
  • Doctor Shortage Getting Worse
    ...the growing scarcity-most specifically of primary care physicians-is clear for patients who sit for hours in waiting rooms, must drive long distances to a physician's office or simply can't find a doctor. Some observers say that the shortage is a major threat to the nation's health care system. Read more.


    Hiring Trends Now: Quest for the "Perfect" Candidate  

    Hiring managers: Things are slowly turning around to a "new normal." I have to be 110% confident the new hire has all the skills I need.
    Job seekers: I'm customizing my resume and cover letter and keeping my skills honed. 236,000 jobs were added in February alone, what am I doing wrong?
    The reality: Hiring has picked up and the supply of top talent is tightening...Read more.

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