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Healthcare reform 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Healthcare Reform  

1. When does the law go into effect?

2. Which companies are affected by the law?

3. What are the individual's responsibilities?

4. What is the policy on young adult children?

5. Are foreign companies included?


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cell in waterNanocoatings for Waterproofing Mobile Devices Continues to Make a Splash at CES

Last year's edition of the Consumer Electronics Show saw the introduction of the waterproof mobile phone. This year's iteration at CES marks waterproofed gadgets' sophomore year return, the announcement of a new chemistry for the nanocoating that makes phones more waterproof than they were last year...Read more.

Thumb Double the Satisfaction

Thanks to those who participated in our recent Client Satisfaction Survey conducted by research firm Inavero. We're proud that our client satisfaction ratings remain more than double the staffing industry average, and we are committed to raising them. We're also thrilled that our response rate has nearly doubled since the last survey. Your important feedback drives our on-going improvement process as we seek to strengthen and enhance our partnership with you.
December jobs: 1.8 million jobs created in 2012
The last jobs report of the year confirmed a 2-year trend of good but not great progress. In December, 155,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate matched November's revised 7.8%. For all of 2012, the economy added an average of 153,000 per month for a total of about 1.8 million jobs, almost exactly the number created in 2011. The reason that we have not seen...Read more.                                                               JES_Facebook JES_Linkedin