What happens if the tank leaks?

Eligible Accounts

Petroleum Storage Tanks
Underground Tanks
Above Ground Tanks
Chemical Storage
Bulk Storage Facilities

Program Features

"A" Rated Carriers
Claims Made (prior acts)
Sudden or Gradual Releases
$500 min premium
Available in IA, IL, MN, WI

Submission Requirements

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Pollution Liability Coverage - Storage Tanks

Bedford Underwriters, Ltd. has developed a facility to provide pollution liability coverage for storage tanks.  We also write a broad spectrum of environmental accounts including contractors and environmental engineers. 

Environmental Applications are available on our web site.

Interested in a quote? Send your submission via fax to (920) 892-8980 or email us. 

Bedford Underwriters, Ltd is a wholesale brokerage firm that specializes in unusual and hard to place insurance products. 

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