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From the Executive Director
Stacey Shipman
Stacey Shipman

This month I want to thank our partners, sponsors, and you, our members.  Without you we wouldn't have the South Shore Women's Business Network.  I appreciate your commitment and dedication not only to SSWBN, but to your own growth and development.


Relationships are vital to business growth and success.  The people you bring into your network may become clients, referral sources, collaboration partners, mentors, or friends.  SSWBN provides a forum for you to meet those people. 


We are in the process of planning for 2015 (yes 2015!) and I'd love to hear your ideas.  What is working well?  What can we improve upon?  


I have already heard some fun ideas including a walking group! Imagine taking a morning walk while networking -- you get some great exercise, a creativity boost and relationship building all in one!  


What other ideas do you have?  Send me an email or give me a call.  Let's go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee.  While I can't promise that we will implement everything we hear, I can promise a creative brainstorming session.  SSWBN is your Network.  Let us connect you to the people and resources you need to start, grow or lead a productive, profitable business.


I hope to see you at an event in June.  We have a full calendar that includes lunch (10th), a half day social media workshop (17th), and after hours (18th), and breakfast (26th).


Finally, get in touch to find out how you can capitalize on our sponsorship opportunities.  These are a few of the ways we can help you get connected to business professionals south of Boston.


Again, thank you for being part of the SSWBN community. See you soon.




Stacey Shipman

Executive Director SSWBN



Stacey Shipman
Strengthen relationships, communication and influence   Speaker, Author, Presentation Skills Training: 

@staceyshipman | 617-548-5877
Message from the President
stacy mafera 2013
Stacy Doherty


Lately I have been trying harder to practice what I preach to my clients and really embracing the "work life balance," and taking time to recharge my batteries.  So, this letter is being written from the rails of Amtrak while I zip down for a weekend escape to New York City, email-free and work-free.  I have plans to do some sight-seeing, take in a Mets game, enjoy some great restaurants, and of course, get some relaxing and quality time with my husband. 


Since returning from a business conference in April, I have worked harder on growing my business and refocusing myself and my energy, to really see things "big picture."  I really deserve this weekend away. 

Others have been noticing my efforts as well - recently when I was working on a Saturday, someone at the office commented that they had not seen me all week.  Normally I am in early in the morning for a bit, and then I try to swing back through around 4 pm after my last client of the day.  This past week I was with clients back-to-back every day, so making it into the office would have been an unproductive visit.  A good friend also commented that she had not seen me at the gym (the perk to slower days is a random sweat session mid-day).


Putting up an auto-responder on my email that morning helped get me in the vacation mode almost instantly.  Knowing that clients and contacts would be advised that they may not hear from me until Wednesday provided a sense of relief and didn't leave me feeling as guilty and anxious as I had imagined.


While I may be heading to a city known for its hustle and bustle, I am looking forward to taking my time, and really taking in the whole experience.  It is so important to once in a while take a break, to recharge the batteries in order to be more productive, creative and really be your best self. 


I would love to hear what your plans are for the summer to recharge your batteries!  


Much success, 



Stacy Doherty



703 304 4067


Law You Can Use 
George Boerger
George Boerger
Boerger Law

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?


As an estate planning attorney, I see on a much too regular basis the aftermath of the "unexpected" and what happens when people are not prepared.  


Being prepared is not something you do for yourself:  being prepared is something you do for those you love.  You must consider the following six key points, some legal and some just practical, to help make sure you are prepared:  


1.    Who will raise your children?   If something happens to you, who do you want to raise your children?  If you don't have guardians named in a valid will, the Probate Court will make that decision for you.  The Court may choose the same person you would ... but maybe not.  Many times the motivating factor when I prepare a will for younger people centers on the desire to designate who raises their children if they are no longer around.


2.    What are your assets?  While it may be obvious that you own a house and a car, your other assets may not be as apparent.  Do you have investment accounts or certificates of deposits?  Do you have 25 ounces of gold hidden in the rafters of your basement, or did you loan someone $5,000, proactively requiring them to sign a promissory note to ensure you are paid back?  People are usually very confidential about their financial affairs and more often than not even close family members just don't know all of your assets.  Create a list of your major assets, and make sure that at least one person you trust knows, should the unexpected happen, where to find it.  It does not have to be elaborate -- just a simple list of each asset (e.g., savings account, certificate of deposit, bond, mutual fund, etc.) and where you located it.


3.    What do you owe?  Again you can really help someone trying to figure out what to do, if you are not around, when you leave them an idea of your legal debts.  Do you have a mortgage on your home, an equity line of credit, a personal note you signed when you borrowed money from a friend or family member?  You don't need anything complex, just a list of your major liabilities.  


4.    Who are your advisors?   Does the person who will be handling your affairs after you are gone (or while you are alive but incompetent) have any idea who you go to for advice?  You should have a list of people you would want them to contact if something happened to you.  Your list should include the name and telephone number for your attorney, financial advisor, insurance agent, clergy, business partner, and anyone else you think they could benefit from calling.  


5.    What happens to your stuff?  What do you want to happen to everything you have accumulated when you are no longer here?   Does it go equally to your children?  Nothing to your children?  To your spouse?  To your barber?  If you don't have a will or perhaps a trust which directs how you want your assets distributed, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has one for you.  Making sure your property passes to those you choose does not happen automatically -- you have to prepare by making your intentions known through a validly executed will or trust.  


6.    Where are all the above documents located?  Taking the steps set forth above is not that useful if no one can find the documents.  Make sure to designate a file, a drawer or a box that either contains all the documents, or contains instructions on how to find them.  While no one needs to see the contents of this box until the appropriate time, make sure someone knows that it exists.  A simple statement to that person, such as, "If anything were to happen to me you need to look in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet (or wherever your items are located) for the documents you should review," can go a long way to making your unexpected event easier to bear.


If you are not prepared for the unexpected please consider implementing the above steps.  Someday, hopefully a long time from now, your family will be thankful you did.




George H. Boerger

161 Summer Street, Suite 4

Kingston, MA 02364





This column constitutes legal advertising, and is designed only as an information service. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it should not be relied upon as legal advice. Legal advice is only provided after a careful review of the specific facts provided by a client after formation of an attorney-client relationship.

SSWBN Connections

lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold



(A particularly moving pair of Connections comes from Brenda Stewart, Independent Long Term Care Insurance Agent/Consultant with Genworth Financial 

. In telling the story of her father's recent passing, Brenda brings home the often deeply personal side of our Network's ability to connect people when they need it most.  



(Please read the Editor's Desk for this intimate acknowledgement of both Raquel Mullaney of Comfort Keepers in Plymouth and Lori Cook from A Fork in the Road.)


Stacy Doherty of Errands Etcetera kicks off my column this month with some great acknowledgments, and I'd like to acknowledge her for consistently making quality connections and acknowledging them in this column! I can tell that it's become part of her routine because they show up in my email every month. I urge you to make Connections part of your routine, too!


Stacy says "thanks" to Donna Mavromates of Wicked Simple Marketing for sending two great referrals over to Errands Etcetera.  "I will let you know if it leads to any business," said Stacy. She sends big thanks to Kim Degust of Molisse Realty for considering Errands Etcetera for a client's rental property this summer.


Stacy shares her special acknowledgment to Lisa Marie Williams of Lisa Marie's Boutique "for doing all of the alterations on a bridesmaid's dress for me in record time!  The dress fit perfect and I was able to dance the night away confidently!"


Gwen Morgan, author of the What if ... Workbook, would like to extend a very belated thanks to Anna Linzi who so graciously personally delivered a gift catalog to Gwen's house (!) during the 2013 holiday season ... how wonderful is that? "Thank you, Anna, that was such a surprising level of customer service!" Also, Gwen would like to extend a huge thank you to Jennifer Dallaire of the Talking Information Center in Marshfield for inviting her to be a guest speaker on her Mission Possible radio show in May. Jennifer made it a lot of fun, and Gwen truly appreciates Jennifer's enthusiastic support of the What If ... Workbook and all that it stands for.


The rest of these cheerful thank yous were collected at a recent SSWBN lunch (this must have been SOME lunch!)


Kathleen Regan of Independent Insurance Broker would like to thank Stacy Doherty of Errands Etcetera for her referral of two clients, whom she was able to help with their Health, Life, Disability and Business Liability. Kathleen would also like to thank Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Women and Judy Walsh of A Fork in the Road Catering for giving her the opportunity to set up their Health Insurance plans.


Nancy O'Keefe of Simple Small Business Solutions sends her thanks to Alison Schirone of Yarn's End for sharing her connection in Las Vegas. She needed some trade show booth help there and Alison's connection helped her staff her booth!


Judy Walsh of A Fork in the Road Catering shares warm thanks to Jack Burke of Eastern Bank who was gracious enough to hire A Fork in the Road for a few bank After Hours events.


Jessica Foley of Dave & Buster's also sends her thanks to Jack Burke of Eastern Bank who has referred Eastern Bank to host several events at Dave & Buster's. "Thank you for your referrals, Jack!" said Jessica.


Elizabeth Beach-Hacking of Shelf Genie thanks Stacy Doherty of Errands Etcetera for working with her on a sales project, helping her create a targeted market. Elizabeth would also like to thank Patty Funder of LaserLight Skin Clinic - She said, "Patty really helped with my skin."


Mike Christopher of Data Smith Network Solutions welcomes Betsy Donohue of M. Donahue Associates, Inc. as a new Data Smith client! "Thank you for your business, Betsy!" said Mike.


George Boerger of Boerger Law sends a big thank you to Janet Laberge - Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap for moving him to his new office.


Becky Coletta of Coletta Law Office acknowledges Stephanie Lipinski of Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc. for her assistance in helping a client understand insurance options for a professional civil engineering company with a multi-state practice.


Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros sends out a big thank you to Kathleen Keegan of Real Estate Rocks  for her recent referral of a client.  "We are very excited to bring new colors into their home," said Kristen.   She also wants to thank Lori Cook of A Fork in the Road for making her son's graduation spectacular.  "Amazing food and service, and all the guests commented on how great the food was. Thank you Lori!" she said. 


So here we are, on the tipping point of summer. Mix it up a bit with your business connections and don't miss a single sunny day or balmy night. Get out of the house -- get out of the office! Discuss the details at the waterfront oyster bar. Bring a picnic basket and meet at one of the benches at Scituate Light to talk over your plans. Take a SSWBN colleague out in a kayak just for fun. Look around at the rich resources of SSWBN and pick one thing that you wish you could change ... and then take that first step toward making that change.  



Lynn Feingold, Tavern Wench

Songs of the Colonial Days 



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Managing Editor:  Patricia Funder  
Featured Business
Jen Mullen

From cooking school in New York City to personal chef in Southern California, JAM Gourmet owner Jen Mullen describes her cooking background as "... mostly vegan and very health focused ..."


Having pulled off as her self-defined "greatest achievements to date," one of which involved putting together appetizers for a 500-person, grand opening party almost single-handedly, and the other catering a wedding in the middle of nowhere with no lights and dangerous footing, Jen envisions herself a growing personal chef and caterer with plans to grow much more over the next few years.


"My dream is to have a storefront where I can sell what I make directly and have regular, quality face time with my customers," she said.  


Read more of this exciting Featured Business, and the young mom building it!




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Congratulations to:
Becky Coletta of Coletta Law. She was recently elected to the Pembroke Planning Board.

Marianne Cole - Residential Mortgage Services is proud to announce that Residential Mortgage Services ranked #38 out of 100 mortgage companies - nationwide! (by Mortgage Executive 
Magazine in 2013)

Congratulations Marianne and Becky! 
Editor's Desk
Patty Funder

As your Editor, I saw this moving pair of Connections to be worthy of its own space.  From Brenda Stewart, Independent Long Term Care Insurance Agent/Consultant with Genworth Financial, she  tells a story that brings home the often deeply personal side of our Network's ability to connect people when they need it most:


I would like to share a wonderful example of networking through the SSWBN. In February of this year,  I scheduled a lunch with Raquel Mullaney, owner of Comfort Keepers in Plymouth.  She is an SSWBN past president and spoke with the new members about her passion for how the SSWBN has helped her get started in her business. She encouraged us to network with her. 


As a retired nurse and now Long Term Care Insurance Agent, I thought we might be able to connect, as there might be value for her clients' family members to learn more about Long Term Care planning for themselves. Likewise, I might be able to refer clients to her. 


After the lunch, I commented to Raquel that I was an RN and should she get stuck and need a nursing service in a pinch, I could help her.  Well, her Scheduler called me the next day and explained that their nurse would be going on vacation ... and requested that I cover a few shifts for them.  I went to the office for two hours to fill out employment paperwork, and in the next few days I did provide some nursing shifts for them. 


The next week, my 93-year- old father took ill and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, leaving my  91-year-old mother needing some care.  I called Comfort Keepers.  They were able to provide the Certified Nursing Assistants that we needed to keep her safe and meet her needs. 


Sadly my Dad passed away.  My mother has been moved to Assisted Living, which costs $7,250 a month. She is holding her own with lots of support. Oh, how I wish they had had long term care insurance!


Another network opportunity emerged when we needed a caterer to supply a light lunch for guests following my Dad's memorial service. I met with Lori Cook from A Fork in the Road.  She has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to her culinary delights on June 14th.



Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your story.



Patricia Funder, MS, CLT

LaserLight for Men and Women






Thank you!

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