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From the Executive Director
Stacey Shipman
Stacey Shipman
  What Are Your Networking Goals?


Do you attend networking events with clear goals in mind about what you want to achieve? Or do you show up hoping for the best?


Do you know who you want to meet, how you can help others and what makes networking effective for you?


For example, do you have a new product or service you want to promote? Do you need to meet a new bookkeeper or other service provider? Maybe you want to make three new connections in order to increase your network. Without the answer to these questions, your conversations may seem scattered and fruitless.


When I first started networking I did not have any concrete goals or vision of success. I left networking events feeling disappointed. I felt as though I lacked a reason to make connections. I did not know what to say or how to say it. On many occasions I said nothing at all.


Networking quickly became a waste of time and money. As a new business owner I could not afford to waste either. I needed a new approach and I needed it fast.


That's when I began to think about and write down the goals I wanted to achieve from my networking efforts. To avoid overwhelm I kept my goals short and simple. I never had more than three. As a result of this exercise I knew who I wanted to meet, what I wanted them to know, and I listened attentively to identify how I could provide support to others.


My most productive relationships are relationships I formed at SSWBN.


When you are clear about your networking goals you will be prepared to answer the inevitable question, "So, what do you do?" You will know how to proceed if your conversation partner is interested in hearing more. You will know exactly how you can help others. You will know how to follow up. You will leave feeling like you spent time and money wisely.


Before your next event, consider answering for yourself the following questions:


What do I want them to know? Am I promoting a new product, program , service or achievement?


Who do I want to meet? What do I need to take my business or career to the next level?


How can I be helpful? I must remember to listen more, be curious and be helpful.


What is my follow-up plan? /what are my options? Make a telephone call, schedule a coffee meeting, send a relevant article, learn more about the person by visiting her/his website? Or is there another option for following up?


Your turn: Do you set networking goals for yourself? What's your process? Send me an email: I would love to know what works for you.



Stacey Shipman

Executive Director



Message from the President
stacy mafera 2013
Stacy Doherty

Recently I have been working virtually with a business coach. As with anything that is worth the effort, this is HARD work. I am frequently looking at the homework assignments or left mulling over questions on comments that she has made far longer than perhaps necessary. The upside to all of that hard work is that I find myself having some really incredible breakthrough and 'A-HA' moments that probably would not have happened otherwise.


Last week, this coach asked me to ASK for what I REALLY want. Now, if you ask my husband, he may jokingly tell you that I want everything; but in all honesty, I ask for very little. Growing up, I was very independent, had a hard time asking for things, and would feel guilty about needing help. Maybe this is why I am so good at what I do: I enjoy helping others!


I went through an entire week procrastinating about asking for what I wanted. I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I would be asking for, and I had the resources to obtain what I desired, but still I delayed. I was playing this game with myself (that I do more often than not), where I will know what I am going to do but avoid it because of fake roadblocks.


Many of us often wait to launch a new product or service until everything is just right. We may hold off on really promoting our business because we have the belief that we need a website, business cards, and office space secured first. We may avoid connecting with others on LinkedIn until the photographer has finished photo-shopping our headshot.  


Whatever the excuse, we can all think of a situation where we have let our self-talk literally talk us out of moving forward.

This instance was no different, so I have been waiting all week, until all of my ducks were lined in a row, then double- -- make that TRIPLE- -- checked my work, and today was the day I was going to ask.


After overcoming the final hurdle I was ready. I sat at my desk and I began to respond to the emails I had put off responding to, and I returned calls and initiated calls to prospects with the new confidence that I had qualified myself for this new service I was about to present. I bet you will never guess what happened next. Two people reached out asking for more information.


Two may not sound like an overwhelming response, but, until you have your first client, you aren't in business.


I peeked ahead to the next question from my coach and do you know what she asked? She asked, "What happened when you asked for what you wanted?" You can bet that I am not going to put off answering that one.


What are you asking for, and are you asking the right people? Please feel free to share your tips about avoiding self-sabotaging behaviors and how you ask for things.



Stacy Doherty



703 304 4067


Law You Can Use 
George Boerger
George Boerger
Buying Real Estate - 7 Points to Consider Before You Make that Purchase

  Over the past several weeks I have received a steady stream of calls from people who are interesting in buying real estate. Whether it be a home for their family or commercial property for the operation of a business, the important points to consider are largely the same. Consider all of these seven points before  purchasing real estate:


1. Work with a good Realtor.

When you are trying to find real estate to purchase working with a good real estate agent is very important. This is true if you are trying to identify a new home for your family or a new commercial property for your business. Most real estate agents are very good; however, just like any profession, some are not so good. Unless you have worked with a real estate agent whom you like, ask your friends, your co-workers or your attorney for a recommendation. A good real estate agent earns his or her commission. 


2. Get an Inspection.  Once you identify a property to buy, get a professional inspection to make sure that you all the issues that may impact the value.


3. Read and understand the purchase and sale agreement!  If you put in an offer and it is accepted by the seller, you will need to enter into a purchase and sale agreement. The terms of the purchase and sale agreement are very important because they will control the ultimate transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer. If you don't know what the terms mean and don't know if any important terms to protect your interest are missing, consult with an attorney. 


4. What are your escape options?

The terms that allow you to walk away from the transaction and get your deposit back (which is typically thousands of dollars) under specific circumstances constitute the most important provisions of the purchase and sale agreement. Make sure the terms to get your deposit back are clear. 


5. How will you take title?

If the inspection looks good and both sides sign the purchase and sale agreement, you then have to decide how you will take title at the closing. Simply put, you need to determine whose name will be on the deed. Will it be you and your spouse? Will it be you and your business partner if you are buying this for your business? Should you set up a corporation or limited liability company to own the real estate? If you don't understand all the implications resulting from how title to the property is held, discuss this with your attorney. 


6. Look out for unique issues, e.g., Easements.  Does the property you are buying have the benefit of an easement over the neighbor's property? Or does your neighbor have an easement over the property you are buying? Easement disputes can be very frustrating to land owners and you need to fully understand the benefits or burdens of any easement BEFORE you complete the purchase. 


7. Are there limitations on future use? If you are buying the property with a specific purpose in mind, make sure you investigate whether that use is possible before you buy the property. If you want to operate a business on the property make sure the zoning allows for such use. If you want to put in a pool you need to make sure there are no restrictions to prevent you from installing a pool. The time to learn about any limitations that may impact you is BEFORE you buy the property.


While this does not represent an exhaustive list, it does address some of the more important issues to consider when purchasing real estate. If you are considering the purchase of real estate, talk to your attorney. If you don't have an attorney, give me a call to set up a no-cost consultation to review the issues to make sure your interests are protected.



George H. Boerger

161 Summer Street, Suite 4

Kingston, MA 02364





This column constitutes legal advertising, and is designed only as an information service. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, it should not be relied upon as legal advice. Legal advice is only provided after a careful review of the specific facts provided by a client after formation of an attorney-client relationship.

SSWBN Connections

lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold

Finally, the snow has melted, and the bright blossoms of thanks and appreciation of SSWBN members are breaking out all around us!


Stacey Corbett of USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton would like to thank Tracy Dieselman of South Shore Pool Supply for her business. "At Tracy's request we implemented a Drug-Free Workplace Program for her business, including policy and testing measures.  Thank you, Tracy, for putting your trust in us to help protect your business."


Anna Linzi of Light Heart Enterprises sends a big thanks to Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Women. Anna said, "...my friends and I had such fun at our Ladies Night at Patty's studio." [Columnist's note: I found it humorous that Patty Funder also wanted to share her gratitude with Anna Linzi for organizing and bringing her friends to the LaserLight Night event!] Anna and husband/business partner Matt Menapace also want to thank Nancy O'Keefe of Simple Small Business Solutions. Anna said, "We are learning so much through Nancy's Stop Working So Hard webinar series."


Stacy Doherty of Errands Etcetera extends her thanks to Elizabeth Beach Hacking of Shelf Genie. Stacy said, "Thank you for thinking of me when it came time to organize your boxes of client files.  I'm honored that you would trust us with such private information, and allow us to help you create a system to use in the future." Stacy also sends a big thanks and congratulations to Lauren and Al Cloutier with Cloutier Photography, "for hiring us to help prepare for your big open house! The layout of your space is perfect, and has come a long way in the last six months!" Finally, Stacy expressed warm appreciation to Casey Kerr of Find Your Roar: "I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and also follow up about the customized programs you'll be offering!  I hope to work with you in the future."


Lisa Marie Williams of Lisa Marie's Boutique said, "I'm so excited to be meeting with Lois Wood of LW Creative Group this week to start the process of re-working my website and taking it to the next level. Thanks, Lois!" Lisa Marie also sends her thanks to Patty Dunigan from BizChecks Payroll, who responded quickly when Lisa Marie called for help.


Happy Spring, everyone! Plant the seeds of collaboration. Cultivate your network. Go ahead and get your hands a little dirty -- then let me know what good things you have grown!



Lynn Feingold, Tavern Wench

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Above and Beyond
Kim DeGust
One of the many benefits of SSWBN membership, you get to submit your achievements for this column.  


I will continue to encourage you to toot your own horn by announcing accomplishments and awards. However, we are expanding the focus of this column to encourage more members to take advantage of the publicity and the Search Engine Optimization that comes with sharing.  


Have you taken a class? Welcomed a new grandchild? Hired someone or completed a renovation? We would love to hear about it -- and so would your fellow members!


South Shore Living Magazine's February issue included Yarn's End in its "Winter Survival Guide: 25 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues." Good for you, Alison Schirone! 


Boston television station Channel 7 named Jaden Ford, son of member Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros, as the Class Act in their regular series by that name. Jaden started ACTabilities, a business that provides jobs for young adults with intellectual disabilities. ACTabilities recently introduced a line of organic soaps. Jaden credits his mom with helping him to get the business started. Check out Jaden's Class Act interview.


Congratulations to Susana Griffin on her new affiliation with Franklin American Mortgage. Susana has more than 25 years of experience in residential mortgages.    


Parting quote: "To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality."-Anita Roddick




Kim DeGust

Molisse Realty Group

Selling the Entire South Shore


(781) 837-5600 office

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WANT: South Shore Pool Supply (Cohasset) is seeking several full- and part-time positions for the 2014 season (April through October):

Pool Maintenance and Service Technicians   $12-15 per hour depending on experience. Retail Associates Service Administrative Assistant.  This seasonal part time position has hours Monday through Saturday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.  $8-$10 per hour depending on experience

 Email cover letter and resume to Stephanie@SouthShorePoolSupply.com.



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