February 2013
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From the Executive Director
Katie Howard
Katie Howard


Dear Members and Colleagues:


Happy February!  This newsletter is a few days late and I am one of the people who are accountable for that.  You see, the stomach flu that everyone is talking about visited my children this week.  If there is one thing that really keeps me in the moment, it is having a sick child at home.  I enjoyed 100 episodes of

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Caillou.  I loved catching up with my kids while giving healing hugs and Gatorade.  


I love my "job" as a mom and I love my "job" working for the Network.


I strive to live "in the moment" in both positions.  I love our events because in that moment, I see our members shine.  Of course my nature is to always be preparing for the next event, the next budget and the next opportunity; but the most important place to be is in the moment.  My New Year's Resolution is to continue to live in the moment, and I look forward to sharing those moments with you!


I am excited!  We have so many fabulous opportunities planned.  Stay tuned ... here is a sampling of what is to come this year...


Sponsor and Partnership opportunities 

Do you need some help getting noticed?  Consider becoming a sponsor or partner with SSWBN!  Click here to see those opportunities.

Education opportunities

Starting at the end of March we will launch Business Development Mastermind Groups.  The groups will consist of six same-level businesses -- new businesses, sustaining businesses or mature businesses.  The cost for this two month program will be $99, and we encourage all members to take advantage.  Watch for details.


Creative and BIG opportunities

You can join us for our NEW Get up and Go, Jumpstart Your Day with Networking morning coffee events as well this year.  Monitor our Events Calendar for upcoming events.

  Other really fun, additional events this year include: 

  • A duck drop
  • Cocktail cruise out of Hingham (June 6th)
  • A raffle for a weekend at the Inn on Onset Bay
  • A women's fun retreat
  • Women's evening event
  • Comedy night
  • SSWBN Celebration! event in June ... and more!


We will continue to hold our speaker breakfasts on the last Thursday of each month, lunches the third Wednesday of each month, business after hours and open houses quarterly.  


All of our events are developed with a focus on our mission to provide our members with Contact, Coaching, Collaboration and Community.


I look forward to seeing you and being in the moment.



781-696-9901 * khoward@sswbn.org


Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.


Message from the President


Terri Martini 2012
Terri Martini



The "State of the Network" has always been my favorite breakfast.  This year was no exception.  For those who did not attend, I hope you heard a lot of buzz about it.  It was a pretty full house and there was so much positive energy in the room I wish I could have bottled it. It would have powered my shop for a month!


We spoke of all the exciting activities, events, fun-raisers (yes, that is a word we are using) and round tables coming up.  We showcased what a powerful staff and Board of Directors we have this 2012-2013, who are so committed to making SSWBN the best organization on the South Shore.


One of the most important portions of the meeting was the Board of Directors announcing the new Vision Statement:


The SSWBN is the premier networking organization on the South Shore, providing an environment that ensures connections, education, and inspiration for beginning and mature businesses, independent professionals, and decision makers.


We followed it with our updated Mission Statement:


Contacts:  Provide a forum where professionals in business can network and discuss common needs for opportunities.


Coaching:  Empower and support members seeking business and business resources.  Provide a system for developing leadership skills and education to members.


Collaboration:  Encourage the referral of potential clients or customers to appropriate businesses.


Community:  Channel the collective strength of the Network to make a positive impact on our community.


With the start of the New Year and new announcements you cannot help but be excited for all that is to come in 2013 with SSWBN!  Spread the word!








Financial Tip of the Month
Cheryle Brady Featured Business headshot
Cheryle Brady 
Ameriprise Financial
Is It Time to Put Your Budget on a Diet?


As we settle into the New Year, it's the perfect time to think about self improvement. Losing a few pounds, reaching a personal goal and getting the financial house in order are all great ideas. If you're looking to reach a financial goal in the next few years, there are many "financial diets" you can adopt to better manage your household budget and allocate more of your income for savings. Consider doing a few - or all - of the following things to help you.

 Keep a money journal. Just like dieters often begin by tracking what they consume each day, try to make a habit of tracking and recording where your money really goes each day. Write down what you spend each day on gas, coffee, food, clothing and other essential and discretionary expenses. Once you have weekly averages for all of your expenses, you can identify areas where you can start saving here and there by making small, easy adjustments - or bigger changes where you may be largely overspending.

Slim down your utility costs.

When was the last time you negotiated better rates with your satellite or cable company or cell phone provider? Pick up the phone and start dialing for possible savings. Even your local gas and electric companies offer discounts designed to help you save money each month. For example, installing a programmable thermostat to control your air conditioner and furnace will quickly pay for itself and help you save on utility costs well into the future. Read more...



Cheryle Brady

Ameriprise Financial Services,

859 Willard Street, #300, Quincy, MA 02169-7482.

Telephone: 617 691 2167
About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon 


Ground Hog Day



Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow on February 2, 2013.  Thus, no more excuses for doom and gloom.  Time to think about an early and great start for Spring.


This is tax time for most, giving stuff to Janet LaBerge, going to see a financial advisor and sitting down with me , Barry Gordon, or one of the other terrific attorneys at Gordon, Mond & Ott, P.C. 


Why?  To look at all your corporate documents to see if they are in order, to form a corporation or LLC to protect your assets.


Why else?  On the personal side, it is time to write a will, health care proxy and power of attorney.  To look at the ones you have and, if they are more than three years old, to see if there are changes to be made.


Why else?  Make sure your beneficiaries on your insurance and 401(k) are correct and relevant still.  These are all the seeds that will grow into beautiful and thriving plants that will nourish you and your family for years to come.


Now get to the gym and feel better and then call me, Barry Gordon, 627-786-0800, bgordon@gmo-law.com, a very, VERY long-time member of SSWBN. 



Barry Gordon

Gordon, Mond & Ott

(617) 786-0800. 



SSWBN Connections

Kristen Ford Hernandez 2012
Kristen Ford Hernandez


Great connections keep pouring in and I love to see the success stories unfold!


Donna Capozzi of Donna Capozzi Designs has a number of thank yous to share.  First to

Marguerite Salvucci and Lucille Weare at South Coastal Bank in Rockland for helping her with her banking needs and for the opportunity to set up a display to showcase her greeting cards at their bank.  To Lois Drukman at Walter J. May Insurance Agency, Inc. for taking the time to sit with her and explain the ins and outs of health insurance, and then helping her to select the insurance that best fits her needs.  To Cheryle Brady at Ameriprise for helping to organize her finances, and for her encouraging words.  Both are greatly appreciated. 


Donna expressed additional gratitude to Katie Howard of SSWBN , "for taking the time to meet with me and for helping me to set realistic goals for my business.  I can't thank you enough for all of your help!  Thank you to also to Christy Kendrick of Acme Glass for taking the time from her day to meet with me and talk to me about the challenges of starting a new business.  I enjoy having the opportunity to get to know you better and hearing about your many life experiences.  And last but not least, thank you to Judy Rizzo of Rizzo Heating and Plumbing for cleaning out our heater... the house is warm and cozy now thanks to Rizzo Heating and Plumbing!  I also greatly appreciate all who purchased my baby bibs and greeting cards.  My best to everyone at SSBWN in the New Year."


Gwen Morgan of the What if ... Workbook, would like to extend "mucho thanks to website designer extraordinaire Lois Wood of LW Creative Group," who took Gwen's existing website and totally cleaned it up, making it crisp, clear, and easy to navigate.  "Lois truly has fabulous ideas and is great to work with," said Gwen.  "She also designed a new logo for the Workbook, along with beautiful new business cards.  I am thrilled with the results."


Gwen also thanks Darlene Calcagno of Cuisine by Darlene for her introduction to an estate attorney in Hanover.  Gwen met with him, and as a result they will be doing educational forums together in the future.  Thanks Darlene!


Lois Wood of LW Creative Group thanks Anna Linzi and Matt Menapace of LightHeart Enterprises for including her in their work to design a distinctive logo, business cards, and a brochure.  "Together we came up with a fun logo that truly expresses their personalities, and a 'look' to tie their materials together," said Lois.  She further thanks "the talented" Jennifer Logue of McCauley Logue Communications and Maureen Elliott of Camelot Enterprises  for their recent referrals.


Wishing you all a fantastic February!



Kristen Ford-Hernandez

Enterprise Marketing


Above and Beyond


lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold 

We applaud the Welch Healthcare and Retirement Group as they announce plans to open a new Assisted Living Memory Care Program for older adults who have Alzheimer's disease or a related memory disorder, at the Allerton House in Hingham.   


It will open in the fall of 2013, and will feature a comprehensive program to support the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social needs of residents. 


According to spokesperson Lynda Chuckran, the program developed in response to an overwhelming need for memory care services in a supportive residential setting.


"Our goal is to help residents thrive, and to ensure families that their loved ones have found the right home, with the right care," said Lynda.  The Memory Care Program at Allerton House will follow the Alzheimer's Association Habilitation Therapy Methods.


Congratulations to all our friends at the Friends of Mel Foundation on their move to a new office space at 200 Ledgewood Place, Suite 101 in Rockland.  Their new, more modern space is filled with natural light and the building includes a reception area and atrium.  Well done!


We're happy to announce that Lori Cook at A Fork in the Road at Bryantvillehas achieved "sandwich perfection," as South Shore Living magazine will fetaure Fork in the Road in its April Issue for the best sandwiches on the South Shore!


Congratulations to Jean Donohue, Jean Donohue Photography on her recent collaboration with Irish Painter Vince Crotty to develop the set designs for the International Dance Troup, The Atlantic Steps!  "I am very excited about this," said Jean.  "The designs involve paintings which were then photographed.  Vince and I did the digital painting, and then with the lighting designer, we produced a set of images for the dances."


The Atlantic Steps, an Irish dance group from Dublin touring with Irish dancer, Keiran Jordan, began their American Tour on the West Coast and Los Angeles.  They will be back in Boston on March 23rd for two performances at the Berkley performance center.


As we applaud and congratulate Maureen Elliott conducting her Woman of the Year Campaign for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, please mark your calendars for one of her fundraisers, on the evening of April 17 at the Tinker's Son restaurant in Norwell.  I am honored to appear as the Tavern Wench performing a few unaccompanied songs throughout the evening.  Should be fun - come sing with us!



Lynn Feingold





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Name/Title:Nicole Peterkin, Financial Adviser 
Business name: New York Life Insurance Company
Address800 South Street, Suite 600, Waltham, MA 02453
Telephone:  508 369 9745
'I do not believe in wealth management:
I believe in wealth creation'


How did you come to be in this line of work?


My dad died during my last year of college. At the time I was working as a mutual fund administrator for a large investment bank and I was completely unsatisfied in my position. I realized life was short and I could not spend any more time doing a job I was not passionate about. I knew I wanted a career of significance that would make an impact on my community. I also knew I hated sitting at a desk all day doing work that did not challenge me. Given my background in finance, my experience with my dad's estate, and my desir

e to own my own business, a career as a financial adviser was a natural fit.


Describe your dream/perfect/best customer.

My business is 90% referral based with the other 10% of clients coming from personal observation, personal relationships, and networking. The referral culture is crucial because my business is built on trust. Because of these facts, my perfect client is someone who values my process, my level of service, and my straightforward approach and introduces me to family, frie



What changes are happening, or can you predict happening soon, within your industry?

The main changes impacting my business clients are new legislation regarding 401(k)'s, healthcare plans, and payroll tax changes. In the personal market, Long Term Care insurance plans have undergone many changes in prices and benefits and companies continue to leave the market. Articles and updates about Long Term Care insurance in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other financial publications are so regular and timely that I work hard to educate my clients about the market and what a powerful and necessary risk management tool it has become so that they have an opportunity to investigate together whether it makes sense as part of their long term planning goals. I purchased Long Term Care myself about two years ago, and since I purchased it the cost has almost quadrupled. My fear is that there may come a time in the future where it is no longer accessible in the market.


What do you regard as your greatest achievement in business to date?

Everything is wrong today. Literally for the first time in history, individuals are upside down on their mortgages and primary real estate is no longer considered a solid asset, unemployment is ridiculous, tax rates are rising while interest rates are close to nothing, and social security is shaky. My greatest achievement in business to date is having built a great business in this recessionary environment.  Not all businesses are recession-proof.

What benefit(s) have you received through your networking efforts?


Networking has introduced me to some great friends, clients, and professionals. It has allowed me to provide my clients with referrals to professionals that both make their lives easier and facilitate the planning we do together. 


What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?


I do not believe in wealth management, I believe in wealth creation. Knowing that I am making a huge impact on the lives of each and every one of my clients though helping hem clients build wealth, protect their families, gain clarity and guarantees with regard to retirement and estate planning, and executing and monitoring the plans we've implemented on an ongoing basis is incredibly rewarding and that is what keeps me going. Keeping good going.














Thank you!

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