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From the Executive Director
Katie Howard
Katie Howard

Dear Members and Colleagues:


It is here, and 2013 is going to be a great year!  We are starting off with a bigger and very enthusiastic membership.  The SSWBN membership grew by more than 30 percent in 2012.  


Do you know what that means?  YOUR network expanded.  We hope to see you at an event soon - I guarantee that there will be new members to meet.  Be prepared to make new and beneficial business relationships.


On January 31st, we will host SSWBN's annualState of the Network breakfast.  Please join us to hear all about our completely new educational series, new events, new vision, and more opportunities for member businesses to showcase their products and/or services.  


We asked for your feedback at our December lunch and that information has helped us to create our upcoming programs.  Thank you to those who attended.


Lastly, I wish you all a wonderful 2013.  Within our Network we have members who can help you to live better, work better, feel better ... or just be better.  If you need to "be better" in any of these areas, let me know and I will point you in the right direction.  


Thank you to all of you who help me "be better" on a daily basis.  You know who you are, and I appreciate you.



781-696-9901 * khoward@sswbn.org


Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.


Message from the President


Terri Martini 2012
Terri Martini



"Out with the Old and in with the New."  


I like that saying.  We liked singing Auld Lang Syne (Scottish:  times long past) at midnight on New Year's Eve, too.


This is the time of year that many reflect on their lives and businesses.  How many of us make resolutions that last two weeks and then are forgotten until this time next year?  I am one of them!  And yes, it is the "Diet Resolution" that I always seem to fail.


This year I started my New Year's resolutions early -- and with the help of the SSWBN.  This year the SSWBN is breaking records for growing our membership.  There are so many new faces, new businesses and new paths for us to follow professionally and personally.  


Long-standing member Patty "Payroll" Dunigan (BizChecks Payroll services) has helped me to identify my business Resolutions 1 and 2.


1. Get my QuickBooks under my control.

2. Get a consultation which will help solidify my business plan.


These two things hold such importance for your business, right?  They seem simple, right?  Absolutely not!  They have been frightening tasks, in my "times long past;"  but they won't be frightening for me this year, because I plan to address them by using my connections in the Network.  


Finding the people to assist you in growing your business is as simple as joining SSWBN, attending meetings and following up on your experiences.


I hope all of you choose to follow my plan, and get the support you deserve through the knowledge of the professional women and men in the SSWBN membership.  Whether it be cleaning out your closet or investing in your future, there is someone in the SSWBN capable of helping you to fulfill on your needs.


While you are at the stage of making your New Year's resolutions, please make one of to continue to support the SSWBN!







Financial Tip of the Month
Cheryle Brady Featured Business headshot
Cheryle Brady 
Ameriprise Financial

Make the Right Investments in Your Health


Much has been written about health and wellness, and we can anticipate even more information on this topic as the Affordable Care Act reforms health care in the United States. The primary message provided by physicians and other health experts is simple: taking care of your health is crucial. Doing so often involves lifestyle choices that have associated expenses like buying fresh produce and maintaining a gym membership. But overall, making smart financial investments in your health now can have a positive impact on your pocketbook in the future as you age. Keep the following in mind as you determine how your healthy lifestyle choices fit within your household budget


Eat right (on a budget). There's a myth that healthy foods cost more than "regular" food. But on average, natural foods (fruit, vegetables, fish and some meats) are less expensive than preserved, processed and packaged foods1. When it comes to your grocery list, nutrition experts believe that the large majority of what you purchase for food should come from the fresh food aisles. Take advantage of farmers' markets where fresh, locally grown foods can often be purchased at reasonable prices. If you're on a tight budget, plan your grocery list before hitting the store, and consider buying more than what you need of fresh foods that are in season and freeze what you don't eat for another time.

Read more here....


Cheryle Brady

Ameriprise Financial Services,

859 Willard Street, #300, Quincy, MA 02169-7482.

Telephone: 617 691 2167


About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon 


Start 2013 Doing Things to Make Life Easier, More Satisfying


To start the year 2013 there are some things to do that will make life easier and more satisfying.  


To start, begin with:


Organize the corporate books and governance.  Simply, that means reviewing books and records to make certain all officer/director information is accurate and that all votes are in place.


Review the financial condition of the corporation, to determine the value of the corporation.  From there, set realistic values for sale of interests to employees or to others, or for estate planning purposes.  In conjunction with this process determine ways to enhance the value.


Determine if employees and owners want to put a Buy/Sell Agreement in place, and if they do, implement it.  You might be very surprised at how much you are worth or could be worth!


Allow us to help you get involved, resolve your problems and evolve into the person you want to be.




Barry Gordon

Gordon, Mond & Ott

(617) 786-0800. 



SSWBN Connections

Kristen Ford Hernandez 2012
Kristen Ford Hernandez

 Hello  Members,


My wish for you all is that you meet all of your aspirations and dreams in the New Year.  Here's to a year filled with possibilities and achievements!


Ann Finnie of Footprints Holistic submitted a big thank you to Stacy Mafera of Errands Etcetera who helped her to learn how to use Mail Chimp.  She also also sends a huge thank you to Judy Walsh-Rodriguez of WatchAll, who got the WatchAll folks out to her house in just a couple of days to take care of a pest problem!  ("No it was not relatives who overstayed Thanksgiving," said Ann.)   Ann also thanks all who purchased Gift Certificates and Books at the December Shopping breakfast.  


Kristin Foristall of Sweet K Cookies, extends a big Thank You to Deidre Parlon of Black Oak Staffing Solutions for their Thanksgiving order.  They thanked their clients with boxes of Sweet K logo cookies!!


Judy Rizzo of Rizzo Plumbing and Heating wants to thank Donna Capozzi of Donna Capozzi's Designsfor both a job referral and the adorable bibs - "The Moms loved them!" said Judy.  She thanks Stacey Mafera of Errands Etceterafor sending the wonderful Tracy over to hand wash and dry her Christmas china.  "Tracy was awesome and treated it like it was her own!" said Judy.  Lastly, Judy thanks Terri Martini of Front Street Gourmet for the custom gift basket.  "I was very proud to hand this over to an awesome client - he loved everything in it," Judy said.


Lynn Feingold of Songs of the Colonial Days wrote in this heartfelt thank you:  "Thanks to all of my friends in the Network who have helped me through my recent illness.  The calls, the cards, the hugs, the smiles, the winks - your support and kindness have meant so much to me.  I especially want to thank Patty Funder of LaserLight and Jean Donohue of Jean Donohue Photography for their help with the Above and Beyond column!  There is a lot of heart in SSWBN!"


Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For thanks Christy Kendrick of Acme Glass for referring her to an Expo she helped coordinate this past October called Work it Wednesday.  "Christy suggested that I participate by purchasing a space to exhibit my services with Emotional Freedom Technique, where I met a breast cancer surgeon from Jordan Hospital's Breast Cancer Center.  I approached the doctor to inquire if I could speak to someone about my pain program.  She referred me to her nurse navigator.  I am thrilled to say that as a result of that meeting, I will be working with their Post-Surgery Survivor Support Group starting January, 2013.  One thing always leads to another with the SSWBN."  Rosemarie also thanks Becky Coletta of Coletta Law Offices for her time to respond with an inquiry she made regarding her corporation, RKL Business Associates, Inc.  "Becky took several minutes to create a detailed Email and suggestions so that I can be up-to-date with my annual corporate responsibilities," said Rosemarie.  "It is people like these who make the SSWBN the great organization that it is, and why I've been a member for the past 17 years!" she said.  (Read more about Rosie in this issue's Featured Business section.)


Thank you again for your great contributions. I look forward to many more to come.  Going forward, you can send connections to kristen@enterprisemktg.com.




Kristen Ford-Hernandez

Enterprise Marketing



Above and Beyond


lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold 

Congratulations to Gwen Morgan of The Lydia Group / What if ... Workbook who told us that she "was thrilled" to be nominated and elected to the Board of Trustees of the Heifer Foundation this past summer.  "I have long admired this organization," said Gwen.  "I am passionate about ending world hunger and poverty, which is the mission statement of Heifer."  She enjoyed her first board meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas in October, and looks forward to her three-year term.


Congratulations to Wedding Ink, a new division of Image Resolutions in Norwell, on their award for Best of The Knot from the online wedding network, The

 Knot.  Launched a little over a year ago to serve local brides by providing them with custom wedding

Jean Donohue

 invitations, Wedding Ink joined The Knot to help spread the word.  Each year, this magazine awards vendors who received the highest praise from brides, the designation of being "The Best," and this year the award for the Boston area invitation category went to Wedding Ink.  "We are very excited about this quick success and recognition," said Kathryn (Wenzel) Shepard, who initiated and runs the division of Image Resolutions.  For more information about Wedding Ink, contact her at kathryn@wedding-ink.com or visit http://www.wedding-ink.com/.


We further congratulate Kathryn Shepard of Image Resolutions on her recent election as President of the Norwell Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  She follows Reiko Beach of TRB Designs, who served as the Norwell Chamber's president for three years.


From Lynn:  December can be a frantic month with parties and get-togethers and dinners and wrapping and gifting - you know what I mean!  So with all that going on, it's really special that Kristin Foristall's cookie-decorating business, Sweet K, was mentioned in Parenting Magazine's blog, Mom Without a Filter.  Here's what they wrote:


"The cookies I'll be ordering for Santa will come from SweetK because I know I won't have time to bake my own:  my friend Kristin, my sister's former college roommate is a mother of two and started making custom cookies from her house after leaving her job in fashion.  Her little side biz -- Sweet K -- has blown up, rightfully so.  She can pretty much make anything into a cookie -- I've had pirates and initials and baseballs -- and they're a huge hit and totally delish."


Congratulations, Kristin, on this fantastic coverage of your business! I'm confident that 2013 will be a great year and I'm looking forward to hearing about your achievements and accomplishments.


Congratulations to Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Enterprise Marketing on the official launch of her marketing business.

Many members may be unaware that Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros has been a marketing consultant for other companies, in adition to Premiere, since 2004.  She is excited to take her marketing business to a new level!




Lynn Feingold





Jean@donohuephotography.com www.donohuephotography.com

Interior/Architectural/Portraiture/Business/Fine Art 


Networking Nova - January 2013
Each month the SSWBN Membership Team recognizes a member who exemplifies the qualities of a Networking Nova, a person who embodies the Network's core values of coaching, contacts and collaboration; someone who is visible at many SSWBN events and who treats others with respect and dignity.


In addition, this person utilizes the Network to build his/her business and helps others do the same.


Kim DeGust, 2013's First Networking NOVA


For me the Network has meant encouragement, education, potential referral resources, and fun for me and my business.  Officially, I have been with SSWBN since July 2012.


I have made the most out of the Network by attending as many events at possible.  I send out a note or an Email to those I meet at the events.  I took advantage of the three-minute speech at one of the breakfasts shortly after joining and I usually have business cards and brochures available on the marketing table.


At first the concept of networking was very intimidating to me.  But I soon found out that SSWBN is different from other networking groups.  There isn't a lot of awkward standing around and it's never boring.  You can always count on SSWBN for interesting and informative programming, and the networking veterans will be happy to welcome you and introduce you to others.


Through SSWBN I have had the opportunity to volunteer with two outstanding organizations:  Friends of Mel and DOVE.  It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to give back to the community -- I highly recommend volunteering for one of these fine organizations or for another cause that you are passionate about.


When I give advice to other members it is to become involved!  You will meet some great people.  And don't forget to bring business cards with you everywhere you go.



Kim DeGust

Coughlin & Company Real Estate


(781) 335-2357 x 203

(781) 363-0485 cell





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Featured Business

Rosemarie Lanchester  

Name:  Rosemarie        Lanchester, CHC

Business name: Everything You Wish For

Title/role:  Owner, Speaker, Teacher/Practitioner and Empowerment Coach/Humorist

Website:  Click here

Address:  Whitman, MA

What is Everything You Wish For?  


I have developed a very powerful program, which is a combination of self-hypnosis, energy release, muscle testing and Emotional Freedom Technique.  The initials after my name stand for Certified Hypnosis Consultant, but my work is much more than hypnosis.  I see clients in my home office and I also work with people, very successfully, over the telephone.  I will come to someone's home for an additional fee, depending on their location.  I am also a speaker, teacher/practitioner, and empowerment coach.


How did you come to be in this line of work?

Each year I must acquire CEUs for re-certification. One year, a class on Emotional Freedom Technique looked intriguing.  I have learned many healing methods in my 65 years.  EFT is by far the easiest, most effective tool I have ever found, and I now use it daily for my own healing.  I sensed that this was the tool I'd been searching for, the one that would set me apart.  I am living proof of its power, as it staved off the debilitating effects of two strokes I suffered within 23 hours of one another back in September, 2010.  I have used it for pain elimination throughout my body as well.  I could not imagine what my situation would be had it not been for finding this technique.


What exactly is EFT?

EFT is a form of energy psychology based on the principles of acupuncture.  Instead of needles, however, you use your finger tips to tap on eight points of the head, face, collar bone and underarm.  These points represent energy centers, also known as meridians, which hold certain negative thought patterns and emotions representing organs and systems in the body. When you tap, while repeating certain phrases, you actually allow your body to balance itself, thus releasing the negative thought pattern to 'neutralize' trauma.  We humans tend to stuff our emotions because we've never been taught how to process them effectively -- until now!  


What does this mean to you?  It means that you can 'tap' away anxiety, stress, pain, sadness, guilt and anger more easily than you ever thought possible!  You will become 'neutral' to the trigger or memory, thus creating peace and harmony.  You will be free to experience more joy and have a much better quality of life!


What are three things that set you apart from the competition?

The combination of techniques I teach for the ultimate goal of self-empowerment sets me apart.  I teach Self-Hypnosis, Muscle Testing and EFT.  The goal for my work with clients is for them to incorporate these tools into daily life.  The combination of these three techniques allows the client to learn what is holding them back emotionally, physically and professionally from achieving their dreams.  This gives clients a way to determine their triggers and the root cause of their discomfort.


Describe your dream customer.  

My dream client would be someone who is ready for change, perhaps someone who has tried various modalities that haven't resulted in relief.  It is someone who is frustrated with traditional methods of care.  We are living in a 'pressure cooker' society and many people are struggling. I desire to be a 'beacon of light' for those in need.  Physical therapists, nurse practitioners, wellness centers, assisted/ independent living facilities and hospitals are good referrals for me. 


What changes are happening, now or will be soon within your industry?

As many traditional medical model practitioners become more aware of the benefits of alternative therapies that their patients seek, they become more open to incorporate this work into their treatment protocols.  There are no side effects with this work -- only benefits -- unlike many prescription medicines so freely offered in traditional medicine.  More and more people are hearing how these techniques are healing lives all over the world!


Where do you want your business to be in five years?

I see myself working as an independent consultant within several environments.  I envision speaking professionally on a broader scale.  I am eager to share my life experiences and humor to teach people the powers they all possess that will change the quality of life for the better.  By the time I reach 70 years of age, I hope to have a balanced life with plenty of 'me' time, as well as making a lucrative living doing what I love, when I wish to do so.


What are your toughest challenges?

For the most part, people don't care for themselves enough.  Others' needs come before their own.  People have become used to living in pain.  My challenge is to show them a better way of life and then lead them to do the techniques on a regular basis.


What motivates you on a daily basis?

I love to see the shift in people's voices and faces when our sessions end.  When I know I've made a difference in their lives, especially in relieving pain, it inspires such a rewarding feeling!  Knowing that I am doing my Creator's work gives me the greatest joy!


What benefits have you received through your networking efforts?

I could never quantify the benefits I have received from this Network of ours!  I have been an active member for more than 17 years, and 'Everything' began with the SSWBN:  my coach is a former President of the Network, my accountant, bookkeeper, payroll service, social media expert, referral sources, friends and supporters are now, or have been, members of this great Network!  I have received great support and friendship throughout the years.  We are a special group.


Christy Kendrick of Acme Glass is someone who has become a good friend.  She invited me to attend a networking Expo she was putting together for the benefit of several charities, one of which was the Jordan Hospital Breast Cancer Center.  As a result of this invitation and my decision to attend, I made a wonderful connection with someone who coordinates alternative programs for the patients of the Center.  I am looking forward to helping women who have had surgeries to get through their fear, anxiety and pain.  I am so grateful for this.


What is/are something that people may be surprised to know about you?

I am an avid pool player and love to play poker.


What do you do in your spare time?

I love to create artistic photo albums, cook, go on bus tours and enjoy time with friends.











Thank you!

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