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March 2013

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We're very happy to welcome to our new Sponsor Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leader in the commercial single-ply roofing industry for more than 50 years.

And, we'd also like to welcome our newest Contributing Editor to Jörg Breuning, "The Green Roof Patroller!" Read his inaugural post at right.

And as you surely know by now, the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013 has been extended through April 13 by popular demand - speaking of which, all videos are now on-demand!  Watch the Highlight Reel below:

Virtual Summit 2013 Highlights Video 

Read these Sky Gardens Blog posts about the VS2013:

You have just over two weeks to participate online and watch our awesome speakers - keynotes, panels, individuals, and collaborative videos. Get GRP credits and take advantage of these discounts available to everyone around the world:

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2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Calendar

features The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA. This green roof satisfies the Philadelphia Water Department's progressive and rigorous stormwater management requirements. Designed by Roofmeadow, the green roof sits on a waterproofing membrane which protects a priceless and historic art collection. Established with pre-grown Sedum mats that were interplanted with perennials, the extensive green roof is unusual because of its ability to support flowering plants in a thin, un-irrigated assembly. Throughout the growing season Achillea, Talinum, Dianthus, and Phlox will provide a progression of color through the green carpet.


The Greenroofs & Walls™ of the World Calendar series combines two of our most popular destinations on The Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database and Upcoming Events.  

Industry News


Toronto's City Planning division has produced a new resource called Guidelines for Biodiverse Green Roofs, detailing best practices for promoting biodiversity on green roofs in Toronto. The guidelines provide a comprehensive list of plants suitable for green roofs that encourage biodiversity, outline recommended growing media depths and composition and provide ideas for creating habitat aimed at specific species. The document recognizes that green roofs are part of a larger urban ecosystem and provides design strategies for creating appropriate adjacent eco zones alongside existing natural heritage features. These guidelines support and expand the current Toronto Green Roof Construction Standard and are primarily designed for use by architects and landscape architects but may also be of interest to others.  [3.19.13]   


For more information please visit our Industry News section of our website.

Advertiser Press Releases







Bioroof Advanced Design Seminar A 'Hot Ticket' for Toronto Area Designers Looking to Take Green Roof Designs to the Next Level. [3.28.13] 

Bison Innovative Products Announces Availability of Preassembled Bison Wood Deck Tiles. [3.25.13]

Sika Sarnafil Secures Factory Mutual Global Approval For Vegetated Roofing System. [3.15.13]

Flynn Canada Wins Excellence of Commercial Landscape Construction/Installation Award. [3.12.13]

Roofmeadow Leads Six-Firm Team to Win National Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! Competition. [3.11.13]     


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Sowing Success in Green Roof Retrofits, by Christopher Curtland
US. "...The first factor is how much weight your existing roof can support. Get a structural engineer to evaluate the system's capacity, recommends Peter MacDonagh, director of science and design for The Kestrel Design Group...These 'extensive' green roofs are the most common and represent about 95% of green roofs in Europe, estimates Clayton Rugh, general manager and technical director of supplier Xero Flor America...Your structural capacity dictates how much growing media you can support, and thus what plants you can grow...says Nathan Griswold, senior garden roof technical sales coordinator for supplier American Hydrotech..." [3.25.13]


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Upcoming Events

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Read what else we've been blogging about in our latest Sky Gardens posts:

Linda Velazquez

Editor & Publisher, GRP


The 3rd International Green Roof Congress in Hamburg, Germany on May 13-15, 2013

April 4 Abstract Extension: World Green Infrastructure Congress in Nantes, France

Greenroof Project of the Week for March 25, 2013: VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre

Greenroof Project of the Week for March 18, 2013: Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) Green Wall   


Greenroof Project of the Week for March 11, 2013: International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF) 


Greenroof Project of the Week for March 4, 2013: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center   


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Contributing Editors:

See Caroline Menetre
's "Photo Reflections of the CitiesAlive Chicago Green Roofs' Purple Line Tour,' Oct. 2012." [3.28.13]

Read Research Editor Christine Thuring's new post "Transatlantic Spring to Vancouver and Toronto in March & April." [3.26.13]

See what Jörg Breuning, "The Green Roof Patroller" has to say about "Cool Roofs are not Green Roofs." [3.4.13]

Guest Blog Post:

Read "3rd International Green Roof Congress - Hamburg Will Be the Showcase for Green Roofs in 2013," Wolfgang Ansel's latest guest blog post. [3.13.13]   









LiveRoof has an open position for a Commercial Roofing Sales Specialist working from home office covering MI & IN states. [3.25.13]

Ginkgo Sustainability is looking for a Green Roof Technician in Toronto, Canada. [3.9.13]  


Roofmeadow is hiring a Civil Engineer in Philadelphia, PA. [2.8.13]    


See other Jobs Available and Positions Wanted in our Joblinks page. 


Speaking of Joblinks, we have a Joblinks Lounge at the Virtual Summit.  As an attendee/exhibitor you can post your Jobs Wanted or Jobs Available and network! 





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