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October 2012

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What's New

Our 2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Calendar is now available for purchase! We'll have some on hand at CitiesAlive in Chicago, and you can order yours now - shipping will start the first week of November.

If you're in Chicago this week, make sure to come by the book signing of "The Rise of Living Architecture" and get your autographed copy on Thursday, October 18th from 1 - 2 pm in the Rendezvous Lounge at the Congress Plaza Hotel.  I'll be there.

Also at CitiesAlive, make sure to come to Haven Kiers' and my "2012 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design" on Friday, October 19 from 2:30 - 4:00 pm.  This year's list of projects is bigger and more spectacular than ever!

On Sunday we leave to China for the WGIN 2012 Hangzhou China World Green Roof Conference on October 22 through 26.  Expect a full report with lots of photos when we return.  Next month: India. Look for a Guest feature Article from Hema Kumar, founder of Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN), next week inviting you to come to Bangalore and participate in the International Green Conference 2012.  Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount rates before October 25!

Stay tuned for updates on The Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013 - Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design., in association with the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), is presenting our second annual virtual conference on January 9 through February 8, 2013. We're working on the Agenda and gathering people from around the globe to dazzle and inform you about the latest projects, ideas and topics for greening our planet.

Also, welcome to Onset Computer Corporation who has joined our community as advertiser and who is now listed in The Greenroof Directory.

2012 Greenroofs & Walls™ of the World Calendar


October features the Zeckendorf Towers & Condominiums in New York, NY. With a quarter acre of rolling rooftop vegetation, the Zeckendorf Towers hosts the largest residential green roof in the Greater New York City region. The diverse Xero Flor Hybrid Assembly vegetated palette includes succulents, mosses, ferns, herbaceous shrubs and trees accenting iconic pyramidal skylights with 360° views from surrounding hallway windows and 20-story towers at each corner. This luxurious natural vista provides valuable ecological benefits for the property and its municipal infrastructure, including stormwater runoff mitigation, structural cooling and roof lifetime extension.     


The Greenroofs & Walls™ of the World Calendar series combines two of our most popular destinations on The Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database and Upcoming Events.  

Projects of the Week

Gary Comer Youth Center
Green Roof
Chicago, IL, USA
8,160 sf. Greenroof
 Multnomah County
Multnomah Building
Portland, OR, USA
11,893 sf. Greenroof


Fashion Valley Mall
Living Wall
San Diego, CA, USA
800 sf. Greenwall


Industry News


Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is pleased to announce the launch of a premium collectable publication that celebrates the biggest and brightest stars in the universe of living architecture. 'The Rise of Living Architecture" coffee table book features beautiful graphic profiles of over fifty visionaries who have fueled the explosive growth of green roofs and walls across North America over the past decade. It includes stunning photos by award-winning photographer Brad Temkin and a forward on Biophilic Design by celebrated academic Stephen Kellhert of Yale University. Its release will be celebrated at the CitiesAlive: 10th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference (October 17 - 20, 2012) in Chicago, IL. [10.3.12]
Portland Bureau of Environmental Services will begin accepting applications again in October 2012 for ecoroof construction. The City of Portland offers an incentive to property owners and developers to add more ecoroofs. The incentive program is part of Portland's Grey to Green initiative to increase sustainable stormwater management practices, control non-native, invasive plants, and protect sensitive natural areas. The incentive funds up to $5 per square foot of an ecoroof project. [10.1.12]        


For more information please visit our Industry News section of our website.  



Native Plant Fares Well in Pilot Green Roof Research Study
University of Cincinnati, by M. B. Reilly

Cincinnati, OH. "In a UC pilot study of plants best suited for the region's green roofs, the North American native, nodding wild onion, and a sedum commonly known as gold moss sedum were the most likely to survive both heat and little rainfall, conditions common to the area's summer months...Their research will be presented in a paper titled "Ohio Native Plants On a Green Roof: Evaluation of Survival and Impact on Stormwater Runoff" at the CitiesAlive 2012 conference, sponsored by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Oct. 17-20 in Chicago..." [10.15.12] 


Coping with Climate Change: Green Roofs of Chicago
PBS Newshour, by Staff
Chicago, IL. "As global temperatures rise, cities face the challenge of keeping their infrastructure and residents cool. Chicago is tackling the problem with a green design makeover that includes 369 green roofs covering 5.5 million square feet - more than any other city in North America. Here's a look at some of the most impressive ones...Perhaps the most impressive green roof in the city, City Hall's 23,000 square foot green roof serves as a testbed for researching and measuring the impact of green roofs...The Gary Comer Youth Center in south Chicago has a vegetable green roof garden designed as an outdoor classroom..." [10.8.12]


Could the future of the environment be found within the vertical garden?
Metro, by Tamara Hinson
UK. "How does your garden grow? Along the turf, or like Jack's beanstalk, into the sky? Gardens are no longer confined to the ground. A growing number of buildings are opting for facades made not from cement or glass but from plants. French botanist Patrick Blanc is one of the world's most famous 'vertical garden' designers. Mr. Blanc realised the potential of vertical gardening after studying the way certain plants were able to grow vertically without the need for soil, and set about creating lightweight, low-maintenance vegetation walls..." [10.5.12]


For more News, please visit Newslinks section of our website.


Upcoming Events

Featured Sponsor
Green Paks  
Monitoring Green Roof Performance with Weather Stations

New white paper and live webinar from Onset highlight the importance of monitoring and documenting green roof performance. Learn how data logging weather stations can help measure stormwater runoff, improve irrigation scheduling, and help maintain healthy rooftop vegetation. Get tips and guidance on selecting and deploying weather stations for green roof monitoring projects. Download the paper. Attend the webinar. 


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Are you all set for the 10th Annual CitiesAlive Green Roof & Wall Conference in Chicago next week?

Kevin Songer, our own Tropical Green Roof Editor, at TEDxRiversideAvondale on Oct. 20, 2012!

It's Not Too Late for the 2012 World Green Roof Congress in Hangzhou, China!

Congrats to the Winners of the 2012 Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence 


Guest Blog Post:


BannerLogo603 Read our latest guest blog post, Bridging the Urban Jungle: Mile End Park, by Steve Waller, Environmental Blogger. [10.5.12] 




LiveRoof® is now hiring a Customer Service Representative in Spring Lake, MI. [9.26.12]  


Columbia Green Technology is seeking to hire a Western Sales Director based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. [6.13.12]


Compost Supply is now hiring a Green Sales Hero in Glen Ellyn, IL, USA. [4.24.12] 


See other Jobs Available and Positions Wanted in our Joblinks page. 


Advertiser Press Releases








Onset Publishes Best Practices Guide on Monitoring Green Roof Performance. [10.12.12]

Canadian Museum of Human Rights Project Goes with Bioroof Systems Green Roof for Iconic Building Design. [10.12.12]

Rouse Management Tops Off Parman Place Apartments in Madison Wisc. with a LiveRoof® Green Roof. [10.3.12]

Green Living Roof Can Reduce SYSCO Foods Annual Cooling Energy Cost by 7% | GLTi. [10.2.12]





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