April 23, 2015

It is this time of year! We are gearing up for our annual Reflections magazine and, as always, I need your help!

Remember last year's Selfie page - It was awesome!
Let's do it again - please send me your selfies!

It would be fabulous if you could let me know what's happening in your life.
Did you get married, have babies, or go on a cool trip? Do you now live in Australia, did you graduate or just got an exciting new job? 
Anything that you think might be fun for your fellow classmates to read about, please send it to me - ktempleman@asds.org. 

So - info, photos, selfies - I want them all :-)

We almost doubled our Alumni News section last year -Let's see what we can do this time!

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your help!
Kristin Templeman

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Latest Alumni News
It was great seeing so many of our Alumni at this year's Wizard of Oz Musical. 

It was a fantastic production and everybody enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Graduation Countdown has begun!
 From let to right: Caroline Keith, Kendrick Pearson, Connor Templeman, Jack Hewitt, Mackenzie Decker, Morgan Rector, Alexander Barrett, Cole Worsham and Riley Foss. Not pictured is Hannah Sugar.

Stevenson held their annual Senior Luncheon at Mission Ranch and I was very happy to receive this photo of our 2011 graduates that went to Stevenson and will graduate in May. I heard they had a fabulous time!

Thanks for sharing!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Bryce '99 and Megan Sigourney on the birth their first son, Oliver, on April 14. And the same to proud Grandpa, our Athletic Director, Thad Sigourney. 

Thank you for sharing photos of your first grandchild, Mr. Sig!

Submissions for our Alumni Newsletter
Education, Career, Marriage, Family -- we think All Saints' graduates are fabulous! Please keep us informed about what you're up to. 

Contact Kristin Templeman at ktempleman@asds.org or 831-624-9171, ext. 14 to share your news!