Happy New Year from DMACC Business Resources!
Happy New Years! 
What are your top business "resolutions" for 2016?
Here are a few we hear from our business partners:
  • This is the year we will take the time to assess and streamline inefficient processes!
  • This is the year we'll focus on that training program we've been putting off until "things slow down"!
The New Year is a great time to think about what you can do to really move your business forward into the future. Taking time now to fix inefficient processes, train employees in new skills, and plan for the future will pay off in time savings later and likely increased profits as well.

From lean process improvement to customized training programs for your workforce and management, DMACC Business Resources is here to support Iowa business.   
We look forward to exploring how we can help you reach your 2016 (and beyond) goals! 

Please email me to learn more about DBR's programs and services. 

Kim Didier, DBR Executive Director
DMACC's Industrial Painting Program Brightens Iowa's Businesses
Last month, members of the Greater Des Moines Partnership Advanced Manufacturing Council (including representatives from companies like Vermeer, Pella Corporation, EFCO and Pioneer) visited DMACC's Industrial Paint department to learn about how the next generation of painters are being trained. 

DMACC painting program was developed in collaboration with area companies, including Vermeer, which donates paint and spare parts on which students can practice.  
"We have hired quite a few of the student graduates from this industrial painting program," commented Rich Kacmarynski, Vermeer Talent Acquisition Lead.  "This collaboration with DMACC has significantly helped us to expand the potential labor pool of specialized painters."
Newton Achieving Benchmark Successes! 
DBR has had the great pleasure of working with the City of Newton on a number of lean initiatives for the past year. Newton's focus on building revenue through economic development and achieving greater efficiencies by streamlining processes, is clearly an example other cities are looking at throughout the country. Click here to read about Newton, and other Iowa city's efforts to get lean!
Despite the loss of over 1,900 jobs in 2008 when Maytag closed, Newton coming back stronger than ever. Newton was even recently named one of the "2015 Top Ten Affordable Small Towns Where You'd Actually Want to Live" by Realtor.com.
hanks to a strong spirit of collaboration and "no quit attitudes", Newton has achieved a number of benchmark goals that showcase that it is definitely back in business:
  • In 2015, Jasper County  reached an unemployment rate below state levels. This is impressive, considering that in January of 2008 the unemployment rate in Jasper County (9.6%) was nearly triple the unemployment rate in Iowa (3.7%).
  • Key companies like TPI Composites and Trinity Structural Towers have brought in over 1,500 jobs. Other smaller manufacturers are finding a home in Newton as well.
  • Newton has diversified its economic base to include new industries like call centers and commercial printing operations.
Newton continues to push forward with initiatives to attract young professionals, improve the housing stock and offer more workforce training opportunities.
DBR congratulates this hard working city on its continued growth and success!

Read more here about how Newton is achieving its revitalization goals.
Celebrating 50 Years of Serving Business!
DMACC has served Iowa business for over 50 years.  Whether by providing companies with a trained workforce, providing critical training services to existing employees or helping an organization overcome operational issues and improve efficiency, DBR is definitely "in business".

Thanks to those of you who have celebrated this important anniversary with us!  

DMACC Business Resource's 50th Anniversary Breakfast, October, 2015

Keep an eye out later this month for a special insert in the Business Record highlighting many of the companies we've had the honor of serving through the years!
A DBR Tribute: 
Thank you Dennis for Your Service!
Dennis Hayworth has announced his retirement!  Since February of 1999, Dennis has served Central Iowa companies, focusing in particularly on scheduling and coordinating Lean, workplacelean®, Management / Supervisory Skills, Water and Wastewater training and other DBR training events. His clients and colleagues all appreciate his warmth, good humor and dedication to helping Iowa businesses succeed.

DBR thanks Dennis for his incredible service and congratulates him on his retirement!

Click here to read more about DBR's many talented consultants!
Give Us Your Opinion - Only 5 Questions!
What Process Improvement Training programs would you or your company like DBR to provide?  


VSM trains participants to map all activities from the point of request to the point of delivery of a product or service so they can evaluate, plan and prioritize improvements of their Value Streams.  Read more about VSM here!


Pathways to An Electronic 
Environment Workshop Series       
Sign up for this dynamic series that
will help your organization transition
to a paperless environment.  You can 
sign up for classes individually or take
the whole series.  One class = $200;
Two classes = $300; Series = $500.

Time Management 
January 19, 2016     
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm                                                 
Navigating in an Electronic Environment
January 26, 2016      
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Organizing Your E-Files/Intro to SharePoint   
February 2, 2016    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Setting Up Your Team Site in SharePoint
February 9, 2016     
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Lean 101 - Principles of Lean Manufacturing
March 16, 2016                   
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
DMACC Southridge Campus
Participants will leave with a basic
knowledge of lean concepts and how
to apply them to their work functions.

The Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica 
January 27, 2016 
Presented by Attorney Patrick Kelly, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Free of charge.  Register here.

Workforce Training Academy - Workforce Opportunities!
February 5, 2016
9:30 - 10:30 a.m. (Breakfast Served)
DMACC Southridge Campus
Looking to hire outstanding individuals for your advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics needs? This breakfast event is perfect for companies looking for: Basic Equipment Operators, Building Maintenance, CNC, Construction Specialists, Industrial Painters, MIG Welders, CDLs and Logistics Specialists. Email Jacki Boldt to Register.

Business "Buy/Sell" Agreement Seminar
March 4, 2016
7:30 - 9:00 a.m. (Breakfast Served)
DMACC Southridge Campus
Thinking about buying or selling a business? Come learn about critical aspects of the agreement you'll want to include or understand to be sure you are making the best possible deal. Register here.

March 1, 2016
8:30 am - 3 pm
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center
Avoid the Affordable Care Act land-mines...
This session will focus on the Affordable Care Act and the Department of Labor employment rules.
ABI's Advisory Council experts will walk employers through the rules, provide multiple options for implementation and strategies for companies of all sizes to consider. Register here.

Creating an Export Management Compliance Program
May 4, 2016
Learn about the creation of a formal, written export controls system.
Save the Date - Registration details coming soon. Hosted for IEDA.

International Documentation Training
May 5, 2016
Learn how to complete certain international documents correctly to avoid processing delays.
Save the Date - Registration details coming soon. Hosted for IEDA.

Teaching for the Workforce 2016
June 20 - 23, 2016
All Day
Teachers are invited to learn about how to best prepare their students for a successful career. This multi-day experience is chock full of company tours and valuable interactive experiences. To register or for more information contact Kim Didier. 

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DMACC Business Resources (DBR) is a division of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), Iowa's largest community college.

DBR provides a broad spectrum of contract training and consulting services including:
Professional Development for Managers and Supervisors
Technical Training
Safety / OSHA Training
Employee Workplace Skills
Lean for manufacturing and for the office (workplacelean)
Waste Management and Control
Three promises to our DBR clients:

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