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April 2014
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April Fools and colored eggs!
7 questions with...

The seven questions segment features (you guessed it)  7 questions and answers regarding this industry from various perspectives.



This months guest is
Robert Izquierdo,
commercial production manager at KFOX, El Paso TX.

How long have you been in the business? I've been in the business for about 16 years. I started as a production intern for Telemundo in San Juan Puerto Rico.



What got you into the business? 

That's an interesting question. I have always loved movies and television growing up. While I was watching a regular TV show I would be impatient and rowdy according to my parents, but when the commercials would come up I would just sit there quiet and watch in amazement. Then in high school my television production teacher Joseph Smith was the one that told me I had a passion for this type of work and that I should pursue it and so I did. I got my degree in film and TV production from the University Of Sacred Heart in Santurce, Puerto Rico and been doing it since then!



Share with us your most memorable horror story. If it has to do with the business it would have to be passing out operating a steady cam on the set of the short film I was directing for my film class. I had nothing much to eat that morning and I had been a long week of no rest planning for this film and one thing lead to another and I was running behind my actors and I just passed out and landed on the floor. The next thing I remember was my dad, who was on set as a weapon advisor, slapping me in the face. Right as I opened my eyes all I said was "is the camera okay?"



Featured Videos

Every issue I will feature a couple of pieces of production from my clients across the country.  Who knows, maybe someone from the other side of the nation may turn you on to a new trick or twist.
If you have a piece that you would like to share, let me know and I will feature it in an upcoming newsletter!

JamesCorlewChevrolet April30
James Corlew Chevrolet April30


It seems like no matter what time of year, car dealers are always out there shaking the bushes, creating a buzz and a reason to drive (pun intended) sales!
Seriously, other sectors of retail could learn a thing or two from car dealers and their advertising strategies.

 I present to you two different styles of ad.
Above is a hard hitting style I did for WKRN Nashville. Thanks Jeff Bayer for sharing.

 Below is a spot I did for KSWB, San Diego that is a bit more imaging style; written and produced by Wesley Mitchell- thank you sir!

Jack Powell 30 
Jack Powell 30

And Finally...


I hope you create great memories every chance you get.

T Rex spotted at Court Square! 

This (or something  similar) was the headline in my hometown's newspaper on April 1st sometime in the early 90's... complete with a photo of the guilty reptile as it terrorized Main Street in the county seat.
Every year the paper would feature some equally absurd story- and I, for one, looked forward to what they would come up with next.
Ahhh the good old days when it was okay to expect people to suspend reality just a bit and the  whole community could have a little fun for April Fools Day. My, how things have changed. It's just not "cool" to do hokey things like that any more. Maybe it's a by product of how "real" the fake stuff is now. Technology has certainly made being creative a different concept than it was as little as 20 years ago.  Back then, being clever or creating something cutting edge took a great deal of individual effort, not to mention having a "gift" for thinking outside the box. Today, a few key strokes allows us to tap in to the minds of those creative geniuses who have developed a box full of digital wonderment that we can piece together in a myriad of ways- requiring only a modicum of creative juices of our own fermenting.  Do you find yourself becoming a production zombie at times- simply pushing buttons and putting together 30 second chunks that flow OK enough to pass muster?
Have you surprised yourself by finding the inspiration to get back to your roots and create something uniquely of your own imagination and creativity well?
I realize that a lot of the stifling of the creative process is due to the nature of our business (10 pounds stuffed into a 5 pound container).  We've all seen how horrendous some of the dealer provided copy can be- which makes it that much more special when a script comes down that really shows imagination and challenges us to create something truly remarkable- even though it may only live on  the air for one week.
Here's to catching lightning in a bottle whenever we can.

7 Questions continued 



If you could make your "dream" commercial, describe it (interesting location, actors, product etc.) and why?  

Well I would love to shoot an Aston Martin Commercial over in Europe on the mountain roads of Scotland, the isle of Mann. This will make a great comparison from the beautiful scenery of the land and they beauty of the car. One can get creative with aerial shots, driving shots , gopro cameras, and pretty much film it like a segment of BBC TOP GEAR!


If you routinely deal with AE's who cause extra work for you (late with copy, poor directions, last minute changes, not letting client know what to expect, etc.) how do you try to deal with them? 

 Hum- I would have to say with lots of patience even though one might like to bite their head off for not following procedure. But in the end AE's will continue to be AE's and we as produces have to keep a level head. Like Freddie Mercury and Queen (one of my favorite bands) used to sing... "Don't Loose your Head" yup I'm a Highlander Fan!



Is there any special equipment, software or services that you have just discovered that really help your productivity/creativity?

Well there are always tools out there that help us as creative producers, like tutorials, training, seminars. But recently I am waiting for NAB this April to checkout and play with the latest toys and Gadgets.

Are you going/have you gone to the NAB show- what did you get out of it (or hope to ) If you went, what was the overall mood of the event?

I went 2 Years ago and man that was CRAZY FANTASTIC!! All the toys and equipment you can see and touch and view demos. Seminars certification classes, Man over all it was awesome plus you get to be a in Vegas for a week away from work so it's a nice and relaxing experience for someone who is dealing with AE's 24/7.

What I got out of NAB was lots of ideas and knowledge on the different gear that was coming out and I did also buy one of my new camera and a few accessories.


How did you get your current job? Through a "friend of a friend" or a cold call from your resume after applying for this job?

I was recruited by the GSM of the station I work at. He had heard great things about me and wanted me on his team.


Given your career, do you find yourself dissecting the commercials you see on tv or movies that you watch and critique the choices that the producers made? How does this effect your enjoyment of media?

  When I was in school the first thing on day one that the film professor say to us was this " Good Morning every one you are all about to change the way you look at TV and films.  It will no longer be enjoyable.  You will analyze every little detail and in the end you might enjoy the movie in a different way than the rest - not just the entertainment part but the technical part as well"

Man was he right! But it has not affected me. I critique and see how it could have been done differently or what I would do differently given the opportunity. But I think being like this is not bad it just helps you appreciate more what you are watching.


If you were to go to a different market to work in the same field - where would it be and why?  

I would love to go to a few places. Seattle because it beautiful and lots of outdoor activities out there to entertain yourself with when you aren't working. Montana - well big sky country is beautiful. Not too many people and lots of outdoors as well.

Also if I were to go looking outside the USA for work in my field it would be in the BBC or CTV in Canada, Nova Scotia or new Foundland to be exact!


We all know of producers who freelance outside of work. Whats your feeling on the subject? Do you freelance? In what capacity? 

I try and get gigs here and there just for fun and earn extra cash and I think its OK. I don't find it wrong unless you are doing stuff for clients from the place you work at on the side.



Thanks to Robert for taking the time to share.
You can check out his vimeo page here-

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