February / 19  / 2016
Great apps for installers and  
PV system owners

Installers and system owners alike can get the most out of APsystems microinverter arrays with our excellent mobile applications.
The ArrayApp mobile app allows installers to map a PV array and complete the APsystems microinverter registration process in the field through their mobile device. Serial numbers on each microinverter unit are scanned using the mobile device's camera, and entered into the APsystems customer database for warranty and support.
For end users, the Energy Monitoring and Analysis App allows APsystems microinverter system owners to track solar array performance in real time through their mobile device. See system output by day, month, year and lifetime of the array, and calculate energy savings based on price per kilowatt hour.
Both Apple iOS and Android versions are available for download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Click here for more information. 

APsystems Installers:
Share your top projects

APsystems is looking for top solar installations to highlight in our newsletter and website.  If you've completed a dynamic residential or commercial project using APsystems microinverters, send the details (with photos, please) to the APsystems marketing team. Along with the project specs, we may include your company information and logo in our outreach to customers - a great cross-promotion opportunity.   Email 
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