July / 22 / 2015


See the power of APS YC500 and YC1000 microinverters in our latest product videos, with testimonials by our partner installers and distributors. Residential or commercial applications, big installations or small, APS offers microinverter technology that's unmatched in the industry.
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APS YC1000 Microinverter 

APS EMA App now available 
for iPhone, iPad

The APS Energy Monitoring and Analysis App is now available for iPhone and iPad.

The EMA App allows APS microinverter system owners to track solar array performance in real time through their iOS mobile device.


See system output by day, month, year and lifetime of the array, and calculate energy savings based on price per kilowatt hour.


The app also displays environmental savings in gallons of gasoline, trees and carbon emissions.


All data is displayed through an easy-to-use graphical interface.


The APS EMA App is available for iOS devices through the Apple iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later required and offers English and simplified Chinese language support.  


Click here to download the EMA App user manual.

You ask, we answer: 

APS customer survey feedback

APS recently asked for your feedback on our products and services. Your response to our consumer survey was overwhelming - thank you for your interest in our advanced microinverter technology.   


We wanted to know:

What do you feel APS needs to improve on? How could APS better serve your needs? 

In offering your generous comments, many of you also asked questions about APS. We want to take a moment to answer some of your anonymous queries here.


I'd like more hands-on product information. Do you have any live events coming up in my area?

Our regional sales representatives are glad to meet with you to discuss the APS product line; just email to start the conversation.  

APS offers regular installation training sessions through our partner distributors across North America. These sessions cover installation of our YC500 and YC1000 microinverters, monitoring setup, best practices and tools of the trade, and offer installers NABCEP credits for attending.

To schedule an event in your area, contact your APS distributor and tell them you'd like to see an APS event in your area, and we'll take it from there.

Tell me more about your USA distribution chain. How can I purchase your products?
The APS microinverter line is available through leading solar distributors across North America. See our Partners page to find the authorized APS distributor in your area, or email and we'll get you plugged into our channels.  
You need a 25-year warranty to match the other brands.
We have one. APS offers a standard 10-year warranty extendable to 25 years for a very modest cost. Because our advanced microinverter products have a design life of 25 years or more, you'll install with confidence that APS products will serve throughout the life of the PV system - and our warranty is there to back it up. 
Is APS supported by third-party solar finance providers? 
Yes. APS is on the Approved Vendor List (AVL) of several leading third-party finance providers, including Sunnova and Upsolar. Contact APS for more information on third-party financing. 
Do you have any training videos? 
You can find a comprehensive YC500 installation and monitoring setup video on our APS channel on YouTube. Watch the video whenever it's convenient for you and your team, to learn about APS microinverter installation.

For real-time training, remember that APS offers certified installer webinars twice a month, on first and third Wednesdays. Three live sessions are available, covering YC500A microinverter installation, as well as setup of the APS Energy Communication Unit (ECU) and APS Energy Monitoring and Analysis (EMA) software. 

Just send an email to to enroll and become a certified APS microinverter installer. Also check out our Support webpage for more first-time installer information.

Does APS have a 3-phase microinverter offering? 
You bet. In fact, the APS YC1000 is the first true 3-phase microinverter in the industry. Unlike other brands who've repackaged their old technology as a "commercial" product, we started from the ground up. The YC1000 was purpose designed and built for the commercial segment, and offers features you just won't find in competing products. 

And the innovations will keep on coming. With half our employees devoted to R&D engineering, we're committed to constant product and portfolio improvement, and making tomorrow's solar technology available today.

You should offer a clearly identified small-commercial 208V product.  
We've already got it covered. The YC1000 true 3-phase microinverter is available in both 208V and 277/480V configurations to suit any commercial system requirements. Find out more at our Products page, or download the YC1000-208 Data Sheet and Installation/User Manual to see the product specifications.

What about extension cables and accessories?  
APS offers all cables, caps and all other accessories necessary to complete your microinverter installation on time and within budget. See the full array of APS-certified components available at our Accessories page, then contact your distributor to order the products you need. 
APS installers:
Share your top projects

APS is looking for top solar installations to highlight in our newsletter and website.  If you've completed a dynamic residential or commercial project using APS microinverters, send the details (with photos, please) to the APS marketing team. Along with the project specs, we may include your company information and logo in our outreach to customers - a great cross-promotion opportunity.
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