September, 2013
New Hampshire Fish and Game
Landowner Relations Program

Private landowners play an important role
in sustaining New Hampshire's wildlife.  


Welcome to the first edition of New Hampshire Fish and Game's Landowner Relations e-newsletter.  This newsletter will be used to communicate with you on wildlife and outdoor recreation issues, opportunities to partner with NHFG and others on projects, as well as other wildlife and landowner news stories.  Please send comments and story ideas to

Operation Land Share - Sign Program


New Hampshire Fish and Game provides free signs to landowners that agree to keep the majority of their land open to hunting.  Use the signs to help manage access and inform users about your land.  Go to for more information and to fill out the participation agreement form to order your signs.  Already enrolled, but need new signs?  Email or call (603) 271-1137.     


Safety Zone Sign - Used to restrict hunting around homes, buildings and other areas for safety purposes.

Operation Game Thief 

Protect New Hampshire's natural resources - report wildlife law violators!

Operation Game Thief is a silent witness, anti-poaching program that encourages the public to report any suspicious activity or knowledge about a poaching violation.   


Report Violations: 1-800-344-4262 or



Q & A

I've got children and pets near my home and I'm concerned about hunters coming too close to my house. What can I do?


As a landowner, you have the right to regulate activities on your property. You may have serious and legitimate concerns about hunting near your home. But you can also think about what exactly what it is you're concerned about. Is it children? Pets? Livestock? Maybe you don't mind if hunters use a portion of your land, but not near your house?


Though one option is to post your entire property against all public access, that's not always an appropriate response to a specific issue. Consider signage options that will address your concerns. Among them: "Hunting by Permission Only," "Caution - Horses," or "Safety Zone."


A few other things to consider: By state law (RSA 207:3-a), a hunter (or anyone else, for that matter) shall not discharge a firearm or bow and arrow within 300 feet of a permanently occupied dwelling without the landowner's permission. Doing so is a violation.  New Hampshire has an excellent record of hunting safety. Each year since 1994, there have been fewer than eight shooting injuries involving hunting ... and about 78,000 people hunt in the state every year.


Thank you for allowing others to hunt on your land.  Here a few links that you might find useful:


Hunting Season Dates:

Hunter Education:

Hunter's Guide to Landowner

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