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July 2014
There is another alphabet, whispering from every leaf, singing from every river, shimmering from every sky.

-- Dejan Stojanovic, poet, b. 1959
H.S. Science Class Gives Back
Credit: Ed English
Bernards H.S. AP Environmental Science students Sarah Finn (left) and Kristen Mlynarski (right).
Credit: Ed English
Our congratulations and our thanks go out to all of the students in Karen DeTrolio's Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science class at Bernards High School in Bernardsville.

For two years now, the class has devoted the last five weeks of the school year (after their AP exam) to researching, producing, and delivering a series of presentations aimed at helping residents of the Great Swamp Watershed region learn more about local water resources and take steps to protect them from harm.

The students presented their projects to an audience of peers, teachers, and local municipal and environmental leaders at a two-day symposium held in early June.

All of the students' research will now be put to good use as bedrock for improving and expanding on GSWA's Watershed Friendly Homes program.

Read more about GSWA's collaboration with Bernards H.S.'s AP Environmental Science class on our blog, or skip to the In Case You Missed It section to read media coverage about this very successful partnership.
Watershed Moments
Advocacy Update

Responding To The Draft CCP for Great Swamp NWR

Credit: Bill Wallen/USFWS
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.Credit: Bill Wallen/USFWS
Acronyms abounded this spring as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) released their draft comprehensive conservation plan (CCP) and environmental assessment (EA) for Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (GSNWR). This core management document will in essence guide the Refuges' short and long term management decisions for the next 15 years.

Since Refuge lands occupy around one-quarter of the Great Swamp Watershed region, it is an important document. Not easily put off, and armed with an acronym dictionary, Great Swamp Watershed Association (GSWA) staff waded into the CCP/EA to review the proposed alternatives and learn more about how each one might lead the Refuge in a different direction. Comments resulting from that research were...Continue Reading

Transforming Rain Barrels Into Works of Art

Like all good rags-to-riches stories, or before-and-after shows, it's the pictures that tell the story!

In advance of Great Swamp Watershed Association's When It Rains It Stores rain barrel workshop on July 15, we took early delivery of three plain, unassuming rain barrels with an eye toward transforming them into show-stoppers. We really wanted to highlight that these barrels don't need to be hidden in dark corners or out of the way places. They can take their place as artworks in the garden!

Five college-sophomore interns and three of their experienced staff mentors from New York City accepted the artistic challenge during a recent corporate volunteer workday event at GSWA's headquarters on Tempe Wick Road in Morristown.

We think our artists rose to the challenge, especially since they only had five hours to complete the task. Their designs and painting on all three barrels turned out brilliantly, and here's a photo to prove it!

Credit: H. England/GSWA
Volunteers at one of GSWA's recent corporate workday events designed and painted the images seen on these three functional rain barrels. Credit: H. England/GSWA
In Case You Missed It...
Science Class Gives Back To CommunityICYMI1

From The Bernardsville News: Read all about GSWA Director of Outreach and Education Hazel England's work with students taking AP Environmental Science this year at Bernards High School in Bernardsville. Read the Article
Cruise the Lower Passaic This Summer

From The Star Ledger/ Have you ever thought about exploring the Passaic River by boat? What you see might just surprise you! Thanks to Newark Riverfront Revival and our friends at Hackensack Riverkeeper you can take a fun and informative pontoon boat tour of the lower Passaic. Check out this article for more tour info. Read the Article

Did You Know?
Did You Know? More About Trees!
by Jim Northrop

Fallen branches and trees line a road through NJ's Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.
Credit: D. Sagan/USFWS
It has been more than a year and one-half since the wind and rain of Hurricane Sandy pounded our area of New Jersey. Many residents along the Jersey Shore continue working hard to restore their houses and businesses, badly damaged by the storm.

For most of us in the area of the Great Swamp, it was all about trees - they fell in troubling places, such as on the roofs of houses, across roads, or just stretched across the ground in some untidy fashion. We are practical folks, so our immediate focus was to fix the roof, open the road, or otherwise clean up after the fallen trees. For most of us, what's the matter with the loss of a few trees here or there, as long as our property is secure? Many of us were focused just on the short-term cost of the cleanup. Let me suggest that we should also consider the cumulative effect that Hurricane Sandy had on our trees. Let's also look at the some important longer-term actions that will benefit us by benefiting our trees...Continue Reading

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