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Hiram Clarke:

Council Member Green Rolls Out Over $500 Million in Public Investments for the Hiram Clarke Community 


Council Member Green hosted a Hiram Clarke Economic Development and Community Summit on October 12, 2013 at the Brentwood Baptist Church Joe Samuel Ratliff Lifelong Learning Center located within the Hiram Clarke community. 


During the summit, Council Member Green highlighted current and proposed capital improvement projects planned for the Hiram Clarke area which totals more than $500 million in public investments. Such projects include the new HISD schools planned via the 2012 HISD bond passage, the planned capital improvement projects of Buffalo Speedway, Holmes Rd, Kirby Dr., US 90A enhancements, a new health facility within the Fountain Life Center, a new HPD substation, and other proposed projects. More importantly, Council Member Green  highlighted the vision for the Five Corners Management District, the newly created Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston TIRZ and the existing South Post Oak TIRZ as well as other intergovernmental initiatives for the Hiram Clarke area.


"I was honored to host this economic development and community summit," says Council Member Green. "Today, our community is well poised for quality economic development and growth for both residential and commercial investment."


Over 200 people attended the economic development and community summit. Confirmed attendees ranged from elected officials that serve the Hiram Clarke community to area community leaders, church and school administrators, as well as developers, bankers, home builders, and area business leaders.   

City Council Confirms the Board of Directors for the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ #25) 

Houston City Council confirmed the Board of Directors for the recently created Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ #25). The 7-member Board of Directors consists of the following confirmations:

  • Rosemary Capetillo, Position 1
  • Theadore Andrews, Position 2, and to serve as Chair
  • George Anderson, Position 3
  • Linda Scurlock, Position 4
  • Homer Clark, Position 5
  • Kevin Riles, Position 6
  • Horace Allison, Position 7


"Overall, the TIRZ Board of Directors consists of a competent group of individuals whose professional skill sets will add leadership value toward implementing the TIRZ project plan," states Council Member Green.


Economic development has been one of the cornerstone initiatives of Council Member Larry Green since coming into office in 2012. "The increment from the proposed TIRZ will allow those tax dollars to further work on infrastructure projects to foster economic development for the area. With the creation of the TIRZ, much needed commercial and residential development will begin to take shape, stated Council Member Green. The District K council office was able to collaboratively work with the Administration to produce this economic development tool for the Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston community. "The TIRZ will not only foster economic growth for the area, but will complement the project plan as being implemented by the Five Corners Management District. This is an opportunity for dollars to be reinvested into the Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston area with some type of local control."


Council Member Green also worked with Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage to gain approval of the TIRZ within the Fort Bend Houston area. "The creation of this TIRZ within the Fort Bend Houston area will be a beneficial tool to galvanize economic development in the immediate area, attract new investments, attract new employment opportunities, and provide a better quality of life for the community involved. "Our Precinct office has a strong working relationship with Council Member Green and has always supported his advocacy efforts to assist the Fort Bend Houston community with economic development initiatives," states Commissioner Prestage.


"With the confirmation of the newly appointed Board of Directors, the Hiram Clarke/Fort Bend Houston TIRZ can start to address its project plan. This is a HUGE victory for the constituents of Hiram Clarke and Fort Bend Houston that will lead to a big impact for years to come," states Council Member Green.

Council Member Green and the West Orem Family YMCA Host Community of One Gospel Fest

On Saturday, November 9, Council Member Green, along with the West Orem Family YMCA Board of Directors, will host a Community of One Gospel Fest at The Fountain of Praise Church, located at 13950 Hillcroft Ave. from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Invited church choirs will include The Fountain of Praise Church, Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Brentwood Baptist Church, Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church, The Church at Bethel's Family, and Iglesias Cristiana Ebenezer. In addition, national recording artist, Kurt Carr will highlight the Gospel Fest. 


Tickets for the event are $20.00 for VIP seating and $10.00 for general admission. Tickets are available from any of the invited churches listed as well as the West Orem Family YMCA or the District K council office. For more information about the Community of One Gospel Fest, contact the District K office at 832-393-3016 or the West Orem Family YMCA at 713-726-1606. 

TxDOT Plans to Enhance the US 90A Corridor  
under construction 2

The Texas Dept. of Transportation (TxDOT) is scheduled to install center traffic barriers along the US 90A corridor (South Main St.) extending from Hiram Clarke Rd. to Beltway 8. The center traffic barriers construction project is scheduled to start on November 4.

Council Member Green, in conjunction with State Representative Dr. Alma Allen, hosted an informational meeting on Thursday, October 17 at 10:30 a.m. at the Fountain Life Center (14065 South Main St. @ Hillcroft Ave). This construction project highlighted the traffic control along US 90A during the construction process that will slightly impact the commercial entities and residential streets that feed onto US 90A. TxDOT representatives facilitated the informational meeting.


For more information about this US 90A TxDOT project, access the District K webpage ( and click the US 90A Center Traffic Barrier Project web-link. The web-link will have a PDF of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and outline map of the project.

Townwood Park Improvements are Finally Completed

The City of Houston has completed all substantial improvements to Townwood Park. This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project has been ongoing for over 2-3 years. The final park improvements consisted of the re-surfaced parking lot near the basketball and tennis courts and the upgraded ball field lights adjacent to the re-surfaced parking lot.

South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition Plans Annual Fall Clean-Up

It's that time of year again. The South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition is planning their annual Fall Clean-Up for Saturday, October 26. The staging location is set for Townwood Park Community Center at 7:30 a.m. Anyone interested in volunteering for this year's annual clean-up, please contact Linda Scurlock at the Coalition office at 832-393-4205. 

Brays Oaks:
SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, November 16 -- Brays Oaks Fun Fall Fest

Council Member Larry Green, in conjunction with Council Member Mike Laster, the Brays Oaks District, Southwest Houston 2000, US Congressman Al Green, and the Riceville Mt. Olive Church, will sponsor a Brays Oaks community festival on Saturday, November 16 at Marian Park, 11000 South Gessner Rd. (directly behind St. Albert Catholic Church).


Participants will include social service providers, governmental agencies (i.e. City, County, State, etc.), health mobile units, plus entertainment and fun activities for families. The Brays Oaks District will assist with notification of the upcoming festival through their vast e-distribution of area schools and apartment complexes.


This is a community-wide event and all are welcome!       

Council Member Green Highlighted the Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood Council Meeting 

Last month, Council Member Green was the featured presenter, along with State Representative Borris Miles, at the September Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood Council meeting. Council Member Green addressed the 40+ in attendance regarding the upcoming initiatives planned for the Brays Oaks area.     

Brays Oaks District Welcomes the Bee Busy Wellness Center 


The District K council office recognized the work and collaboration of the Bee Busy Wellness Center and The Royce White Institute of Mental Health Center at a ribbon cutting ceremony of the Bee Busy Wellness Center new location (the former Frank library) -- 6440 West Bellfort Ave. 


The Bee Busy Wellness Center is a non-profit organization that offers mental and dental health care services to medically underserved individuals in southwest Houston. This year, the Wellness Center has expanded its outreach services to team-up with NBA player Royce White and his non-profit organization - Anxious Mind's, Inc. The Royce White Institute of Mental Health will be housed within the Bee Busy Wellness Center and will be the first comprehensive behavioral health center targeting the underserved communities of Houston.


"I want to commend Royce White for teaming-up with the Bee Busy Wellness Center. This facility will be a welcome addition to the Brays Oaks District," states Council Member Green. 

Fort Bend Houston:
Commuity Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for Quail Run and Quail Glen Communities
Council Member Green will host a community town hall meeting for the Quail Run and Quail Glen communities on October 24 at the Quail Run CIA Community Center, 16748 Quail Park Dr., at 6:30 p.m.   

This town hall meeting will address some of the on-going challenges affecting the Quail Run and Quail Glen community such as neighborhood protection violations, public safety issues, etc. City representatives will be present to address these community concerns.  

PINNACLE Senior Center of Fort Bend County Update 

The construction of the much awaited Senior Community Center in Fort Bend County is

 near completion! After a slight construction delay, the scheduled completion date will occur during the month of November 2013.   

If you are interested in volunteering, offering a class/presentation/workshop, or have a suggestion for a program you would like to see offered at the center, ple ase contact Sonya Santee @ 832-816-9540 or

Fort Bend Houston HPD Satellite Office -- NOW OPEN

The Houston Police Department has partnered with the Fort Bend County Constable's Office, Precinct 2, to open a Fort Bend Houston HPD Satellite Office at 7133 West Fuqua St., located within the Willowridge retail shopping center along West Fuqua St. at Blue Ridge Rd.

The HPD satellite office is OPEN on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. An assigned HPD officer is on-site and available to assist with any police-related issues/concerns during 

those office hours. All other days, the Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront, located at 4363 West Fuqua St., is still available for Fort Bend Houston residents.


Please continue to spread the word and take advantage of this community resource!!


Westbury is Planning a Fall Community Event to Celebrate Westbury Park

Westbury residents are absolutely ecstatic about the new playground and other Westbury Park improvements that are nearing completion. To celebrate, a Grand Opening has been scheduled at Westbury Park on November 9. The event is co-sponsored by the Westbury Civic Club, Westbury Area Improvement Corporation, and Westbury Super Neighborhood. There will be a ribbon cutting, recognition of major contributors, musical performances by local schools, food, and many activities for families. The celebration will begin at 9:00 a.m. The ribbon cutting by officials and elected representatives from the City of Houston, the Houston Parks Board, and members of the Westbury community is scheduled for 11:00 a.m.


Parker Elementary School, Johnston Middle School, and Westbury High School bands will perform from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Children's face painting, soccer demonstrations, and train rides are also planned during this time. The Houston Police Department, Houston Fire Department, and Harris County Constables have been invited to meet with residents. Westbury Community Garden members will participate with a plant/produce sale; the proceeds will go towards their effort to save a 7-acre site that is home to their garden. Outback Steakhouse will be grilling hamburgers and Honey's Snowballs will be providing refreshments. A portion of the sales proceeds will benefit the Westbury Greenspaces Fund.  


Plans are to make this the initial version of an annual Community Day in the Park. The goals are to bring the community together to meet one another, for residents to enjoy the amenities of the Parks in the area, and to raise awareness of and benefit Westbury greenspace and environmental improvement projects. Volunteers from the community will be responsible for planning and running the event with assistance from City of Houston personnel.


Save the date and stay tuned to the October edition of the Westbury Crier for more information click here.

Westbury Square Status
The City's litigation over the Westbury Square dilapidated buildings is now at an end. The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the City's Building to Standard Commission orders against the dilapidated buildings remaining within Westbury Square are final and can be demolished.  The current owner of the decayed buildings has until November 25 to obtain demolition permits and begin demolition of those buildings.


However, the owners has until February 10, 2014 to completely demolish both buildings. Even though the owner will seek an extension of the repair order entered against the theatre building, once an extension is granted, an inspector from the City's Public Works and Engineering Dept. will perform the requisite inspections to determine what repairs are needed.  After all repairs are made, the owner can request a Certificate of Compliance to have the repair order released. The City Legal Dept. will check for permits and continue to monitor progress to ensure demolition progresses relative to the timetable discussed with the owner. 


The Department of Neighborhoods, which heads the Neighborhood Protection Division, has been alerted and given a "heads up" that if satisfactory progress is not been made in November, the Dept. will need to find an available funding source and process these buildings for demolition. The District K office will continue to keep you posted on this evolving development.


Knollwood Village/Braeswood Place and Woodside Neighborhood Reconstruction Projects are Finally Completed 

Over the past year, the Public Works and Engineering Dept. (PWE) has managed two (2) simultaneous neighborhood street reconstruction projects within the South Braeswood area -- NSR 451, collectively encompasses the neighborhoods of Knollwood Village and the southern portion of Braeswood Place (south of Brays Bayou); and NSR 446A, which encompasses the northern portion of the Woodside neighborhood.

"I want to thank all three neighborhoods for their patience during these two construction projects. Finally, both projects are substantially completed," states Council Member Green.     

The final stage of both NSR projects is for Centerpoint to authorize the installation of decorative street lighting paid for by the Braeswood Place HOA, Knollwood Village Civic Club, and Woodside Civic Club. All three neighborhoods initiated a fundraiser to pay for the added cost of the decorative street lighting. 

Get Involved with the "Friends of Linkwood Park" 

If you live within the vicinity of Linkwood Park or just a strong supporter of Houston parks, the "Friends of Linkwood Park" are asking for your participating and seeking volunteers. Linkwood Park is nestled within the heart of the South Braeswood community. The Friends of Linkwood Park, formerly the Linkwood PAC, are asking for representatives from the various surrounding civic association to be a part of their community collaborative.


For the past couple of months, the Friends of Linkwood Park have been coordinating with the Houston Parks Board to assist with improvement needs for Linkwood Park. As of this date, the organization has received the first estimates on their rejuvenation plans for the park. The Houston Parks Board is drafting a simple master plan to illustrate proposed improvements to the park.    


Just like the Friends of Karl Young Park, nestled within the Braeswood Place neighborhood, that organization was able to raise more than $500,000 for their park improvements. The Friends of Linkwood Park will coordinate with that organization for their guidance as they work toward establishing fundraising goals in phases. For now, the Friends of Linkwood Park projected goal is a toddler playground addition even though they are using some flexibility with their priority list as they move forward.


"I have already begun to think of some fun park events to assist us in our fundraising efforts.  Please send me your ideas.  Keep in mind that our local fundraisers may only generate a portion of our funds, but will create a great amount of awareness needed for our project. Upon City approval, we will organize a fall "party in the park" to introduce our plans," states Jenna Arnold, Friends of Linkwood Park organizer.


The Braeswood Super Neighborhood Council (SNC) featured Trent Rondot from the Houston Parks Board at their October monthly speaker to address the Friends of Linkwood Park initiative. The Braeswood SNC met on October 17 at Linkwood Park Community Center.


For information on how you can get involved with the Friends of Linkwood Park, please contact Jenna Arnold at 713-299-7182 or via e-mail at

General District K News:

Fall Roll-Out of Expanding Single Stream Recycling Program for District K Neighborhoods

Council Member Green is pleased to announce that the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department has added 70,000 additional households citywide to its single-stream automated curbside recycling program.  As part of this curbside expansion, residents within these selected neighborhoods will receive one 96-gallon green automated cart. This will be similar to the black automated garbage cart.


"Since coming into office last year, I have strongly advocated for single-stream recycling for all neighborhoods within District K," states Council Member Green. "I will continue to advocate for expanded recycling services for all neighborhoods within District K." 


Only 5,573 households out of the 70,000 citywide will receive single-stream recycling within District K this round. Subdivisions included in the October 2013 expansion curbside Automated Recycling Program are: 

  • Anderson Oaks
  • Brentwood Place
  • Brentwood Village
  • Briargate (west of Blue Ridge Rd.)
  • Briarwick
  • Chasewood
  • Chasewood Meadows
  • Mayfair Park
  • Quail Run
  • Quail Glen
  • Southwest Crossing
  • Southwest Manor
  • Willow Park II

Even though Mayor Parker plans to push for an additional expansion in Spring 2014, the District K office is still advocating for those neighborhoods that have expressed a strong consideration within the next round. 

Special Minimum Lot Size and Minimum Building Line Application Process

Council Member Green facilitated two (2) District-wide community meetings so staff from the Planning and Development Department ("Planning") could better inform civic leaders about recent amendments to Chapter 42 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances and offer new tools to help protect and preserve your neighborhoods.


Revisions to Chapter 42 extend the minimum lot size and minimum building line requirements to neighborhoods within the corporate boundaries of the City of Houston that do not have a minimum lot size or minimum building lines established in their deed restrictions.


Many District K communities submitted copies of their deed restrictions to the District K office for review.  After a brief cursory review of the restrictions submitted, we believe many District K neighborhoods might benefit from the added protections set forth in Chapter 42.  The District K office strongly encourages the neighborhoods that don't have any specific language addressing the minimum lot size or re-subdivision of lots as written within their submitted deed restrictions OR the language addressing lot size or re-subdivision of lots is very vague to apply for this Special Minimum Lot Size application.


For those neighborhoods thought to already have language in their restrictions addressing the minimum lot size and/or minimum building line requirements, we strongly encourage you to consult with a private attorney to ensure your restrictions are valid in all respects and provide the protections set forth therein.  It's important to understand the District K office simply reviewed your restrictions for the pertinent language and is making no assurances or representations regarding the actual validity of your deed restrictions. 


The applications and information about this development tool can be found online at 



When you make your appointment with Planning, please bring a copy of your most recent deed restrictions. Below is the initial process for the Special Minimum Lot Size and Minimum Building Line Application:


Step 1: Meet with Staff of the Planning and Development Department

Step 2: Submit a Complete Application

Step 3: Post Notification Signs

Step 4: Attend the public meeting

Step 5: Return your Response Form

Step 6: Attend the Houston Planning Commission Public Hearing (optional)

Step 7: Attend the Council Meeting (optional)


Please contact the District K office if you have any questions about your submitted deed restrictions. Contact Kevin Calfee with the Planning and Development Dept. at 713-837-7768 to make an appointment.  

District K Super Neighborhoods Collaboratively Sponsored a Citywide Candidates Forum 

District K super neighborhoods - Fort Bend Houston, Braeswood, Westbury -- and  Southwest Houston 2000 collaboratively sponsored a "Southwest Houston Candidates Forum" on October 15 at Bethel's Place Empowerment Center, located within the Brays Oaks District. The forum consisted of At-Large council candidates as well as mayoral candidates. Congratulations to our super neighborhoods council on a job well done.

District K Facilitates Neighborhood 101 Symposium: How to Run an Effective Civic Board

The District K council office facilitated another series of the Neighborhood 101 Symposiums last month to better connect District K community leaders to resources affecting the viability of their neighborhood.


The September Neighborhood 101 symposium was held at the South Gessner HPD Substation and addressed How to Run an Effective Civic Board. Dr. Ronnie Hagerty from the United Way of Greater Houston facilitated the workshop discussion and offered tips and techniques to fine-tune the roles and responsibilities of a civic leader. Because the community room at the substation limited the workshop class size, the District K office will facilitate another workshop for those that missed the September symposium. A date, time, and location will be forth coming.  

2013 National Night Out  

Many neighborhoods throughout District K participated in this year's National Night Out on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Council member Green wasn't able to hit all neighborhoods

 within the District but he was able to connect with a few:

  • Northbrook Townhomes South POA
  • Northfield I & II HOA
  • West Airport HOA 
  • San Pablo HOA
  • Cambridge Village Civic Club
  • Southwest Crossing Civic Club


District K staff also attended a number of neighborhood block parties, along with officers from the Houston Police Dept. and the local stations from the Houston Fire Dept. National Night Out was an opportunity to get out and meet your neighbors, as well as interact with HPD officers to discuss crime concerns in your community. 

Council Member Green Neighborhood Sightings (September-October)

 Council Member Green made his rounds to discuss District K initiatives. Listed below are community meetings Council Member Green and the District K staff have attended during September and October.

  • Sept. 3 - Brays Oaks SNC
  • Sept. 5 - Townwood Civic Club
  • Sept. 9 - Cambridge Village Civic Club
  • Sept. 10 - Quail Run CIA
  • Sept. 17 - Northbrook POA
  • Sept. 18 - Westbury Civic Club
  • Sept. 19 - Braeswood SNC
  • Sept. 19 - Southwood Place Recreation Association
  • Sept. 24 - Briarwick HOA
  • Sept. 26 - Five Corners District Stakeholders Meeting
  • October 10 - Braeburn Valley HOA
  • October 15 - Northbrook POA
  • October 17 - TxDOT US 90A Informational Meeting
  • October 17 - Braeswood SNC
  • October 17 - South Houston Concerned Citizens Coalition Meeting
Houston Police Department Positive Interaction Program (PIP) Meetings


District K has three (3) active PIP meetings administered by the Houston Police Department. All PIP meetings are open to the public; regardless of where you live.


Westbury PIP Meeting (every 4th Tuesday of the month)

Aramco Building
9009 West Loop South Freeway

Houston, TX 77096

For more information, please contact the HPD Westbury Storefront at 713-726-7126. The Westbury HPD Storefront hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Hiram Clarke PIP Meeting (every 2nd Monday of the month)

Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront
4363 West Fuqua St.

Houston, TX 77053

For more information, please contact the HPD Hiram Clarke Storefront at 713-433-2720. The Hiram Clarke HPD Storefront hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Braeburn PIP Meeting (every 3rd Tuesday of the month)

Braeburn HPD Storefront
7576 West Bellfort Ave.

Houston, TX 77071

For more information, please contact the HPD Braeburn Storefront at 713-773-7550. The Braeburn HPD Storefront hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Any Annual Civic Association Meetings Planned on the Horizon?  

The Spring and Fall season is the time of year a significant number of civic associations host their annual civic association meetings. Since coming into office last year, Council Member Green has made a commitment  to visit every civic association within the District. The task is almost complete; however, if you are receiving this e-newsletter and Council Member Green has yet to attend your civic association meeting, please contact the District K office at 832-393-3016 or to schedule an appointment. 

Has Your Civic Association Been Updated with the District K Council Office?

Update your civic association contacts with the District K council office. If your civic association has recently elected new officers, changed the primary contact person, new e-mail address, new contact number and/or new or changed meeting location, time, and date, please take a moment to update your contact info with the District K council office.


Periodically, the District K office sends pertinent information about District K news and City of Houston topics of information relating to your neighborhood and neighborhood association. To ensure you and your civic association receives this information, we need you to update your contact info. Thank you for your help and your interest in District K. 

 Early Voting for November 5th

Early voting for the November 5 election started Monday, October 21 and goes through Friday, November 1.


Harris County

There are 40 early voting locations in Harris County and the locations will be open during the following hours:

  • October 21 - October 25: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • October 26: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • October 27: 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • October 28 - November 1: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  

Below are Harris County early voting polling locations within District K are :

  • Astrodome Area: Fiesta Mart, Inc.  -- 8130 Kirby Drive, 77054
  • South Houston Area: Hiram Clarke Multi-Service Center -- 3810 W. Fuqua, 77045

In addition, there are 18 early voting locations in Fort Bend County whereas the hours of operation vary by location. Below is the Fort Bend County early voting polling location within District K:

  • Fort Bend Houston Area: Chasewood Clubhouse -- 7622 Chasewood Drive, 77489

Exercise your privilege to vote and take someone to the poll.

General City of Houston News:

The Texas' Voter ID Law in Effect for November 5 Election

Do you know about the new Texas' Voter ID law which requires voters to present an approved form of photo identification to vote in person? The law is now in effect and will be in place during the November 5 election. The state of Texas requires voters to present an approved form of photo identification to vote at the polls. To facilitate the voter qualification process when YOU go to the poll, YOU should:

  1. YOU bring a valid photo ID.
  2. Make sure YOUR State Approved Photo ID is current; With the exception of the U.S. citizenship certificate, the Photo ID must be unexpired or expired less than 60 days.
  3. Verify that the name the Voter Registrar has on file for YOU matches the name on one of the State approved Photo IDs. YOU may visit to update YOUR "Voter Name and Address".
  4. Voters who currently do not have an approved form of photo ID may apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at no charge with the Department of Public Safety. For more information: Call (512) 424-2600 or visit

For more information about this year's election process, contact the Harris County Clerk's Office at 713-274-9550 or the Fort Bend County Clerk's office at 281-341-8652. 

City's Pro-Bono Deed Restriction Program

The Department of Neighborhoods will assist civic associations or civic clubs in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods with creating new, or modifying existing, deed restrictions via a resurrected Deed Restrictions Pro Bono Program. The Department of Neighborhoods will work with City Council offices in identifying civic associations that may be qualified to participate in the Program.

Eligible organizations will be referred to pro bono legal counsel via the Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program (HVLP).  The Department of Neighborhoods will not directly assist with the drafting or modification of deed restrictions but rather act as a facilitator for pairing civic associations or civic clubs with attorneys for those purposes. The Department of Neighborhoods will also provide limited assistance to associations/clubs as they work to notify neighbors of proposed deed restrictions and undertake the required steps for enactment.


For more info about the program, please contact Landon Taylor at 832-393-0857 or

Report Unnecessary City Signs to 3-1-1 

Do you see city signs on the road and elsewhere that no longer apply or are not necessary anymore? Call 3-1-1 or go to to report these signs so we can take a look and determine if it's time for them to be removed or replaced with something more up-to-date and less confusing.  Examples include street name signs or "No Parking without Permit" signs in places where permits are no longer needed. 


In addition, the current campaign season is underway and illegal campaign signs need to be reported. Report violators by calling 3-1-1 or the web address. For questions on the proper placement of signs, call the Sign Administration Division at 832.394.8890. 

The Health Insurance Marketplace is Here!
Ready? Set? Sign up! The Health Insurance Marketplace has opened for Texans to shop for affordable health care plans, despite the political games going on in Washington. The plans will kick in on Jan. 1, 2014, but you can apply today at  
The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) has teamed up with San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins to encourage Texans across the state to sign up for coverage. "Making healthcare more affordable for Texas families are very important to all, states Council Member Green.  "I appreciate TOP with helping to spread the word about this initiative."
Veteran's Day Parade
The City of Houston will celebrate the 15th Annual "Houston Salutes American Heroes" Veteran's Day Celebration on Monday, November 11 to honor and salute our armed forces. The parade will begin at 12:30 p.m. at Hermann Square in front of City Hall. Other activities include the AT&T Veterans Job Fair and the Walgreens Veterans Health Fair, also in front of City Hall around the reflection pond, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  
City of Houston Celebrates 2013 Municipal Courts Week

The City of Houston will celebrate 2013 Municipal Courts Week during November 4-8, 2013. This event is relative to the Senate Current Resolution 21 passed during the 83nd Texas Legislature designating these dates as 2013 Municipal Courts Week. The City's Municipal Courts Department will participate in this year's commemoration by hosting various events that will recognize Municipal Courts staff, educate Houston's diverse communities, and celebrate the Department's achievements.


As part of this initiative, the Municipal Courts Department will hosts Mini Court Clinics on December 10 & 12, 2013 at the following District K facilities:


Tuesday, December 10th from 1PM to 5PM

Marian Park Community Center

11000 South Gessner Rd., 77071


Thursday, December 12th from 1PM to 5PM

Platou Community Center

11655 Chimney Rock Rd., 77035


This is a chance for citizens to visit with a Municipal Court employee about their court business without a Municipal Judge or HPD Officer present and will also be a chance for the Municipal Courts Dept. to hand out important information about traffic safety. For information about the upcoming Mini Court Clinics, please contact Jose E. Soto at 713-247-4081 or by email at 

The Office of Business Opportunity Hosts Meet the Buyer Purchasing Forum

The City of Houston is hosting their 5th Annual Meet the Buyer Purchasing Forum on November 21 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Room 360 (enter through Hall E). 


The Meet the Buyer Purchasing Forum is the ultimate opportunity for small businesses to connect and network with City procurement agents. Business owners who attend the event have the opportunity to learn about upcoming contract opportunities and insight on how to do business with the City of Houston. 

New District... New Council Member... New Beginnings!